Rotary International District 5890
Awards during District Conference
Editor: Charlesworth, Ed
Posted on Apr 26 2010

For those of you that didn't attend the District Conference, you missed a great event. The following Individuals and Clubs were recognized for their outstanding service during this current Rotary year.

Tommie Buscemi - Rotary Club of Kingwood
Rotarian of the Year

Michelle Bohreer - Rotary Club of Houston
Mega Club President of the Year

Jon McKinnie - Rotary Club of Space Center
Mega Club of the Year

 Ronnie Hallenberger- Rotary Club of West U
The Rotary Foundation Club of the Year

 Nathan Gatch - Rotary Club of Harrisburg
The Rotary Foundation - Permanent Fund Club of the Year

 Carol Whileyman - Rotary Club of Richmond
Large Club President of the Year

 Nick Geeslin - Rotary Club of Seabrook
Large Club of the Year

 Cristy Guebara - Rotary Club of Oyster Creek
Medium Club President of the Year

Linda Honig - Rotary Club of Willowbrook
Medium Club of the Year

 Jerry Gipson - Rotary Club of Texas Gulf Coast After 5
Small/Medium Club President of the Year

 Paul Ralph - Rotary Club of Greenway/River Oaks
Small/Medium Club of the Year

 Robert Woodall - Rotary Club of Highlands
Small Club President of the Year

Tom Hall - Rotary Club of Kingwood
Small Club of the Year

Tommy Matheson - Rotary Club of Danbury 

Small Club International Host of the Year

Wayne Beaumier - Rotary Club of Bear Creek/Copperfield

Membership Development and Community Involvement

Lindi Braddock - Rotary Club of Brenham

Leadership and Community Spirit

Debra Harper - Rotary Club of Greenspoint

Being the "Come Back Club of the Year"

Valerie Copley - Rotary Club of Humble/Intercontinental

Service to Youth for Chartering the First District EarlyAct Club

Dan Green - Rotary Club of Sugar Land

Solid Humanitarian Service and Leadership

Ami Borovick - Rotary Club of SW 59 Sunrise

New Club of the Year"

Bola Stephen - Rotary Club of Sharpstown

Always Being in Tune with Rotary

Jay Altieri - Rotary Club of Columbus

Having the Best District Fellowship of the Year

Byron Holloway- Rotary Club of Bellaire/SW Houston

Diversity in Membership, Public Image & Community Service

Chad Gormly - Rotary Club of Alvin

Leadership as Community Spirit Club of the Year

John Leblanc- Rotary Club of 288 Corrdor

Community Service and Helping Our Fellow Man

Chuck Radney - Rotary Club of North Shore

Service Hours, Youth Services, Foundation Support & Membership Development

Frank Parrilla - Rotary Club of LaPorte

Public Image, International & Community Service

Wayne Ballentine - Provisional Rotary Club of Waller County

Taking the Future of Rotary into Your Hands Through Club Extension

Wayne Beaumier - Rotary Club of Bear Creek/Copperfield
Membership Development and Community Involvement

Robin Charlesworth - Provisional Rotary Club of NW Houston Sunset
Best Provisional Club of the Year

Art Bautista- Rotary Club of University Area
Excellence in Service to Humanity for Both International & Community Service

Bud Allison - Rotary Club of Braes Bayou
A Lifetime of Excellence in Service to Humanity Through Scouting & Rotary

Anne Wallace
Spouse of the Year

Kay McKinnie
Spouse Recognition Award

David Daspit - Rotary Club of Baytown
Excellence in Membership Development

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