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Evening Meeting at El Coyote Apr 30, 2014
Speaker: Sandra Ruiz - Credit Repair May 07, 2014 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
District Assembly 3 Civic Center Drive
May 10, 2014 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Winners' Night Wine Tasting & Dinner The home of Bill & Karla Ahmanson
May 10, 2014 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM
District Conference Hyatt Grand Champions Resort/Spa - Indian Wells
May 15, 2014 12:00 PM - May 18, 2014 11:00 AM
RI Convention Sydney, Australia
Jun 01, 2014 - Jun 04, 2014 12:00 PM
Club Leadership
President Francisco Fernández
President Elect/Program Chair Greg Gill
Secretary Ken Scott
Treasurer Christopher Miron
Rotary Foundation Pearl Leeka
Pumpkin/Xmas Tree Chair Wendy Clifford
Fundraising Co-Chair Margaret Kelsey
Fundraising Co-Chair Mercedes Wilson
Membership Bob Terry
Community Service Co-Chair Sandy Boeck
Community Service Co-Chair Rod Sprott
Vocational Service Therese Holz
International Service Richard Lee
Youth Service Charles Cordero
Publicity/Communications Amy Worthington
Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick MacKellan
Social Secretary Carolyn Layport
Song Master Bill Boeck
Immediate Past President Ray Schuldenfrei
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Posted by Pearl Leeka on Apr 03, 2014

Please send correspondence to our NEW mailing address:

Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles
P.O. Box 75420
Los Angeles, CA 90075


Posted by Pearl Leeka on Mar 06, 2014

Wilshire Rotarians who are Paul Harris Society Members

Margie Christoffersen
Scot Clifford
Wendy Clifford
Elsa Gillham
Larry Gillham
Margaret Kelsey
Pearl Leeka
Alma Sexton
Aleta Warren [honorary]

Thank you for your ongoing support to The Rotary Foundation!


Posted by Pearl Leeka on Mar 06, 2014

It's District Conference Time Again!

May 15 - May 18

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells
44600 Indian Wells Lane
Indian Wells, CA 92210

To Register for the conference and reserve your hotel room please click on link below

See you there!

Posted by Amy Worthington on Mar 12, 2014

Please click on the 'more' link to read the latest from our weekly Rotary meetings! 

After a lovely wine social hosted by PP Ray and Dia Schuldenfrei, Wilshire Rotarians gathered to sing the aptly chosen song “Blue Skies”.   Photographer David Taylor shared with us his inspirational anecdotes on understanding other cultures, based on his personal experiences both locally and abroad.  His inspirational stories not only uplifted the spirits of those in attendance, but also resonated with Rotarians who also value the importance of befriending, and understanding, cultures other than our own.  Many in the Club have worked with David professionally through his studio on Larchmont Boulevard.

Wilshire Rotarians were also thrilled to have a PP of WRC in attendance.  Roy Bork, visiting from Denmark, was President of WRC from 1975-76(when WRC was home to more than 150 members!).  He began his weekly meetings by welcoming Rotarians and guests to the “enthusiastic club of Wilshire Rotary”.  He originally came to Los Angeles for work in the meat industry, and he laughed when he shared that the theme for his demotion party was “Can the Danish Ham”.  He also served on the District Level, and eventually transferred to LA5 in 1983 before moving home to his native Denmark in 2004 where he is active in his Club of about 50 members.  It is always a pleasure to welcome back Wilshire Rotary family.

Join the enthusiastic Wilshire Rotary Club next Wednesday with speaker David Aaronson.  David is owner of Digital Inbound Media and will speak to us about online business marketing management.

Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Dear Rotarians,

It's a new year and the perfect time to remain committed to the power of Rotary and renew our Rotary spirit.  As I look back through my years as a Rotarian, I cannot believe the number of friends I have made both through our amazing Club as well as internationally.  My life has been enriched in ways I never imagined when I originally joined in 2001. 

I remain amazed at the number of positive impacts Rotary makes on our world.  From being the largest donor of scholarships worldwide, to the ability to provide money and resources directly to those in need, continued work to eradicate Polio, as well as educational and clean water initiatives, any issue one wishes to address can be done so within the Rotary realm.  And, with merely 2% of funds raised used for administration, it is no wonder Rotary International remains one of the highest ranked charities by the three leading ranking organizations (Charity Navigator, A+; American Institute of Philanthropy, 4 stars; BBB Wise Giving Alliance, ALL 20 criteria met).

Remember to keep me informed of any information you wish to share with your fellow Rotarians.

Please read on for WRC updates, and be proud that you have chosen to support this distinguished organization.

Yours in Rotary,


Amy Worthington

Director of Publicity

Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Attend the 2014 RI Convention in beautiful Sydney, Australia!


DGE Elsa Gillham has organized the District Reception at a great venue....Wolfies on circular quay which offers a terrific view of VIVID, a light extravangza of all the buildings in Sydney Harbour (  Cost is a mere $35.00 for a three-course meal. 

Join Rotary members from around the world in Sydney, Australia, 1-4 June. The 2014 RI Convention will bring together some of the world’s leading experts on water, polio, and social media. You'll find new ideas for service — and perhaps a new partner for creating change — in the House of Friendship.


Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Following our successful December Community Service Event, Operation Shoes from Santa (which is discussed in the December Wrap Up section of this newsletter), Community Service Co-Chairs Sandy Boeck and Rod Sprott are geared for another great project.  Wilshire Rotary will be rolling out a healthy eating program at Los Angeles High School.  SOS Mentoring is a project began in the LA5 Club which enlists volunteers to teach quick, 15 minute healthy eating seminars to students after school.  Our initial focus will be with student-athletes, and we will engage the assistance of our LA High Interact Club.  A District Community grant is covering $2000.00 of expenses including reading material to the SOS Mentoring program as a whole, and Wilshire Rotary is contributing $750.00 to the cause.  Sandy and Rod will be providing additional details on this worthy project.

This Sunday, seven Wilshire Rotarians and family will volunteer at a Mayor's reception at the Getty House on Irving Boulevard.  They will work 4-5 hours at this Mayor Garcetti event, and will report back to us with news as to what they did, who attended and more.

Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Thanks to an incredibly generous contribution, the Polio Plus Fund of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is now $200,000.00 larger.  This contribution was made by an honorary member of the Wilshire Rotary Club, and because of this, our club receives recognition as does the donor.  Inspirational giving to say the least! 
Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Wilshire Rotary, with over 80 years of service, has a proud and storied history.  


Wilshire Rotarians once again assisted at the annual Braille Institute Holiday Luncheon.  Gale Miron shares some information about the  40+ history of WRC and this holiday tradition.  "The Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles began the holiday party by hosting the event.  PDG Olander Hammond and PDG Buzz Dublin both were restaurateurs...and they actually cooked the turkeys and hosted the event.  Later, other clubs and District 5280 intervened to help sponsor (financially) the event." 


Sandy Boeck, when researching the carillon at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, discoverd this photo showing Wilshire Rotarians who helped move the bell from L.A. High to the church.  Is that Rod Sprott standing next to Bob Hudnall? We all recongize the Phil's Storage and Transfer Truck as one that has helped transfer pumpkins to our annual Pumpkin Patch.  Rod remembers this task clearly as he was responsible for re-assembling this instrument which consists of a large number of bells when it arrived to the church. And, bringing this full-cirlce, Rod and Sandy currently serve as co-chairs of Community Service.




Don Warren was a Past President of Wilshire Rotary.  At the conclusion of each Rotary year, the President gives two awards, The Landis-Veatch Award (to be discussed in the next issue of The Ambassador) and The Don Warren Award.  The Don Warren trophy is presented to the non-Board member Rotarian who the President feels has donated the most energy and time to the Club that Rotary year.  The recipient's name is engraved on the trophy and they showcase the trophy the following year until it is presented to the next winner.  Don Warren's widow, Thelma, now deceased, donated generously to the Club.  The legacy continues with the generosity of Don's daughter, Aleta, an Honorary Wilshire Rotarian and great friend to our Club and to RI.  Any Rotarians who knew Don, please chime in with additional information I can include about him in our next issue of The Ambassador.


Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Learn more about Rotary International.... 

Take this quiz to test your RI knowledge.  All answers can be found at  First person to respond to with 100% correct answers wins a free Rotary lunch plus ten raffle tickets.

1.Who created the Rotary Four-Way Test, and in what year?

2. Rotary International's Council on Legislation meets how often?

3. How many representatives does each District send to the Council on Legislation?

4.What are Rotary's total budgeted operating expenses through the end of this Rotary year?

5. What are the four listed stages in Project Lifecycle Resources?


Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

In writing this edition of The Ambassador, several instances of Rotarians doing business with other Rotarians emerged.  Who could be a more trustworthy friend than a Rotarian who abides by Rotary's Four Way Test?  Please send me a list of the Rotarians with whom you do business.  I think it will make for a nice Rotary story.



Posted by Amy Worthington on Mar 12, 2014

Based on answers to the questions below, guess which Wilshire Rotarian is spot-lighted in this edition of Guess The Rotarian.  The first person to answer correctly (send answers to wins a free bottle of wine or box of chocolate.  For this round, each person who answers will receive a surprise gift as well.

Where is your favorite vacation locale?
2. What is your favorite sport?
UCLA Football
3. Digital down load versus CD?
Digital Download
4. Who is your favorite author?
Paddy Chayefsky
5. What is your LEAST favorite movie?
Anything with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Megan Fox or Shia LeBouef
6. Dogs, cats or both?
7. Cook or order take-out?
Take Out
8. What is your most memorable Rotary moment?
Attending the scholarship presentation at LA High
9.What is one thing you wish Rotary International or Wilshire Rotary Club would accomplish?
More fellowship opportunities and larger scholarships.
10. What is one personal plan or goal for the year?
Get representation.

Posted by Amy Worthington on Jan 07, 2014

Be the first to respond with the correct answer to Amy at and win a free bottle of wine or box of chocolates.  Congratulations to our two previous winners, Pearl Leeka and Elsa Gillham.

Where is your favorite vacation locale?
2. What is your favorite sport?
3. Digital down load versus CD?
Digital Download
4. Who is your favorite author?
5. What is your LEAST favorite movie?
Bumfights or anything with Chris Tucker
6. Dogs, cats or both?
7. Cook or order take-out?
Take out
8. What is your most memorable Rotary moment?
Seeing the women of New Directions transformed and vibrant after "A Day of Beauty".

9. What is one thing you wish Rotary International or Wilshire Rotary Club would accomplish?

I would like our Wilshire Rotary Club to develop a service project that members would enjoy working on and be invested in the outcome.

10. What is one personal plan or goal for the summer?
For the winter, I would like to exercise regularly and be in good enough shape to ski,