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Let the Game Begin: The Rotarian Quest  

Roland Rotz, President 2013-2014 of Rotary Club of Carpinteria rolled out his year-long game to motivate and Engage Rotarians to Change Lives. Players will receive points for attendance and participation in all activities. There will be winners for periodic Special Quests and for monthly highest totals. The Epic winner of the year will receive a weeks stay at the famous "Giacs at the Beach" beachhouse in Carpinteria. 

Players:    All members of the Rotary Club of Carpinteria.

What is a Quest:    The journey to achieve goals through attendance, participation and pursuits.

The Object of the Game:    1. To achieve the highest point total at the end of each month.                                                                        2. To achieve the highest point total at the end of the Rotary year.

Goal: 1. Winner of the year-long Rotarian Quest will receive one week (off-season, $2500 value) at “Giac’s at the Beach”.  Winner will also select one local charity to give $500 at the end of the calendar year.

2. Winner of the monthly Rotarian Quest will receive a gift certificate for the selected restaurant of the month.

Rules:     Players will receive points for attendance, participation and pursuits for any activity that applies to all players. Most activities will focus on the 5 avenues of service. The club secretary will keep a tally of each player’s total. Each member is responsible to report to the secretary, all their quests and points for each week. This can be done by email via Quest Report Card on Wednesday or at the meeting on Thursday.

Players receive 1 point for:

1.  Attending a Rotary club meeting; this applies to a make-up meeting. (1 pt/wk)

2.  Volunteering and participating in a committee meeting. (1 pt/wk)

3.  Participating in a Rotary project like brown bag, reading with the kids, flag raising, or community service events. (1pt/event)

4.  Referring a potential speaker who presents at our club meeting. (1 pt)

5.  Nominating a candidate that is selected for Vocational Service Award. (1 pt)

6.  Volunteering to give a craft talk or the equivalent during a meeting. (1 pt)

7.  Attending the Interact Club and encourage their service above self. (1 pt)

8.  Attending a planned event/party. (1 pt)

9.  Donate $100 to RI Annual fund/Our Foundation. (1pt/ max, twice per month)

10. Visiting the “Business of the Month”, keep receipt to show secretary.(1 pt/ max, twice per month)

11. Going on a Questmeister sanctioned Quest and discovering the prize. (1 pt/event)

Players receive 2 points for:

1.   Bringing a guest to a club meeting. (max 2 pt/wk)

2.   Donating $500 to RI Annual fund/Our Foundation. (2pt/max, once per month)

3.   Joining a Guild (3 or more working together) to seek and find a sanctioned Quest.  (2 pt/event)

Players receive 3 points for:

1.   Sponsoring a new member who joins our club. (3 pt/new member)

2.   New players receive 3 points for joining our club. (3 pt/joining bonus).  

        New players also receive the average of all members’ points at the time they join.

3.   Donating $1000 to PHF/RI Annual fund/ Our Foundation (3 pt/max once per month)

Feedback:   Each week player’s points will be added to the tally sheet. The total for the previous week will be displayed for all to see. The winner of any special Quest will be announced at the club meeting with points awarded.

Guidelines:  For the things we think, say or do as Rotarian Questors;    

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Questmeister:   Reserves the right to announce a Quest at will. All final decisions will be made by the Questmeister with Rotary Board consultation as needed.

Let the Game Begin!  Good Luck Everyone!

Roland Rotz, Questmeister

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