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Posted by John Vogelpohl on Sep 11, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – September 11, 2014

Shreve J. ran the front desk while Bev Marsh greeted and led The Pledge.  James F. offered a prayer.   President Kathy announced it was Max F’s birthday but he was not there to be sung to.  She reminded the club that tomorrow (Friday) is the bowling social at Ten Pin Alley.  Come even just to eat their gourmet food and socialize.  The Fairgrounds cleanup is Saturday, October 4.  Help if you can.  Carrie S-D was Master of Ceremonies for the “Heads/Tails” game and since it was Sandy T. Day, she won that game as well as the 50-50 Raffle.  The Bill R./John V. co-op had the winning Ace of Spades Raffle but could not draw the Ace.

President Kathy invited Service Veterans George T. & George H. up to recognize their service in the military.  It was good to see our own PDG, George H. back in town on his way down to the Paw-Paw Festival (which he also plugged).  Check their website for this cool Athens County Festival.  George’ll be there.

Mayor Don S. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Kim G. let us all know that our favorite spouse Rotarians, Dave & Linda B, are in Italy celebrating their 50th!   Kathy M. shared her pain on last Saturday’s Buckeye debacle.  Tricia H. also invited everyone to the bowling evening.  Tony M., HEF Board member, introduced his guest, Rachel, who is the new director of the Hilliard Education Foundation and a prospective member of our club.  Marty B. says that Great Debate planning is well underway.  Next meeting is next Thursday at 11:00 (before our meeting).  Carrie S-D was on vacation last week celebrating her 9th wedding anniversary and paid her requisite $9.  Doug H. said that next week he is moving his business INTO Hilliard.  Any tax abatements from the Mayor, Doug?  Greg R. noted the death of Ken Brenneman which was also noted in an article in the Columbus Dispatch.  He will be missed.  The Memorial Service at Davidson was beautiful and packed.  John L. noted that Sept. 11 had extra meaning to him as it was his Dad’s birthday. 

Then President Kathy introduced our speaker Cynthia Peterman, who is with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  She shared many facts along with a Power Point presentation about the BCI which was very informative and enjoyable.  As we frequently do, our members starting asking many questions which may have taken her off her planned speech but made the session quite interesting.  I believe Cynthia appreciated that level of interest.  Some interesting facts:

  1.  When the BCI was created a legislator benefited her district by requiring in Statute that the headquarters be in the grounds of the London Correctional Institute!
  2. They have 17 Major partnerships with other Ohio Law Enforcement Agencies
  3. They have a protocol and ethics that value the highest level of service and function (and Cynthia let us know they take it SERIOUSLY!)
  4. They have 6 other locations in Ohio and are completing a lab at Bowling Green.
  5. In her role, Cynthia interfaces with hundreds of agencies, states, and countries.  Cooperation is the name of the game.
  6. Some of their services include, polygraphs, finger and palm print identification, DNA analysis, Facial recognition banks, bio-metrics to name a few as well as crime scene investigation.
  7. 100% of personnel are Peace Officer certified, weapons qualified, and share a high level of education from scientists, to CPA’s, to Lawyers, etc. with an average time in Law Enforcement of 19 years!
  8. They have and continue to perfect computer based tools which were very impressive to hear about.

Great meeting!  Remember to Light Up Rotary!

Member Moment:

Have you heard of the 80-20 rule?  (20% of the members of an organization do 80% of the work).  Sometimes that makes it tough being in the 20%!  How about if we move our club to a 30%, club, or a 40% club, or even an 80% club (which would be a club where 80% of the members are engaged in getting things done).  How fair (and exciting) would that be?

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Aug 28, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary meeting – August 28, 2014

Carrie S-D managed the front desk while Chris A. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President Kathy reminded us one more time about the Conklin Golf Outing and noted Jay B’s birthday.  Next week our speaker will be the director of the Hilliard Food Pantry and President Kathy asks that we all bring some nonperishable foods for the pantry.  She then continued her program to recognize our club’s service veterans by receiving Rotary veterans’ pins.  Mike B. was a Combat Field Medic in the Ohio National Guard and Doug H. was in the National Guard Helicopter Attack Division.   Thanks guys! 

Mayor Don began by paying his own fine for selling Car Wash tickets for his daughter – Hilliard Davidson at the Advanced Auto Parts on Cemetery next Saturday.  Steve H. announced an October 4th Fairgrounds cleanup with the Interact Clubs.  He asks for all members to try and participate.  He also said that the feedback from the school counselors regarding our kids’ RYLA participation was enthusiastic!  Tricia said her Dad is getting healthier but needs to put on weight.  Doug H. said Tricia sold Great Debate table #1!  Doug “invoiced” all of last year’s table purchasers.  Keith was glad to have made it through two home closings in a couple days and still be smiling.  Greg R. thanked Steve H. for his 10 years of Interact service.    Kathy M. had a serious auto accident which cost her doggie her life and she was grateful that Josh Tidd managed getting the doggie cremated and cared for.  Jim M. was fined for an unspecified reason, for which he inquired, and was fined again. 

Andy M. won the 50-50 Raffle and the Keith/Bill/John consortium won the Ace of Spades Raffle but could not beat the 1 to 52 odds. 

Our speaker was Hilliard Schools Superintendent, John Marschhausen, PHD.  He is an animated, exciting speaker.  He spoke for only a few moments and filled the rest of his time with many questions from members.  Some things we heard:

  1.  Statistically, Hilliard is doing a great job in college preparation.  Even then Hilliard is trying to do more and more to find programs and tools that are effective for all different types of learners, including with the McVey Learning Center.
  2. The District is trying to learn how to combine the above with using the buildings better (and more than 6-8 hours/day)
  3. Hilliard tries to be a good partner for Home Schooling including making curriculum available and being a place for Home-Schoolers to take classes like orchestra and arts.
  4. He responded that dealing with the ODE can be rough, but much of that is because ODE is in a rough place with the legislature basically trying to do ODE’s job debating over 400 education-related bills last year.
  5. He discussed teacher “burn-out”.  That discussion included a visioning of teachers’ unions being modeled less after “industrial” unions and more after “professional” unions, where the purpose is less to protect jobs (of incompetent teachers) and being more about an organization to represent teachers’ positions for effective educational policies and processes.
  6. He noted that we are ranked equal to schools like Worthington, Arlington, Dublin, and Bexley but with a very different population.  26 ½% of our kids are in households classified as in poverty.  Yet we have great results. 
  7. He noted that residential property taxes are too high and that the schools work with the city to try and expand commercial and industrial tax bases.  It is remarkable that a large business can move into Hilliard and find housing in Hilliard for every level of employee with attendant excellent schools.

Lastly, he put Common Core in perspective by telling us that in Hilliard, “The Core is the Floor!”  - Great talk – Thanks!

Remember to “Light Up Rotary”!  Join us.

Member Moments:

Choose your membership levels and the privileges that go with it:

  1.  Pay your dues:

“I belong to a Rotary Club”.

  1.  Pay your dues and come to the occasional meeting:

“I am in Rotary”

  1. Pay your dues and engage in Rotary in a meaningful way to help Rotary accomplish our goals for service and peace:

“I am a Rotarian”


Posted by John Vogelpohl on Aug 21, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – August 21, 2014

Carrie S-D managed the front desk while Don S. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President Kathy announced birthdays for John L. and Jay B.  Kim and Dennis G. were celebrating an anniversary and John L. was celebrating his 47th anniversary.  He paid his $47 to the Sergeant-at-Arms.  President Kathy also commended the Conklin Golf Outing to the club scheduled for August 31.  President Kathy or Bill R. can provide details.  Join ii and keep Bill R. from winning all the door prizes. 

Then Christie C. assisted President Kathy in inducting new member Robin Nesbitt, director of the Hilliard Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and presenting her with a Red Badge.  President Kathy also presented thank-you letters from a scholarship winner and one of the kids we sponsored for RYLA.  The club has an opportunity to work concessions at Blue Jackets games to earn money for club charities, and Kathy looked for an expression of interest (or not). 

Sandy T. (wife of George T.) won the 50-50 Raffle and Marty B. had the winning Ace of Spades ticket.  He defied odds of about 40-1, to draw the Ace!

Mayor Don the served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  He started by putting in the $25 for his 24th anniversary  that was announced the previous week.  Marty B. told us it was time to get going on Silent Auction items and Greg R. announced we had sold 8 tables to the Great Debate already.  He also let us know that Hilliard arts leader Ken Brenneman was home in hospice care and that a group is working on a 10/9 fundraiser in Ken’s honor for the Ken and Robin Brenneman Stage at the new Arts Center.  John L. reminded the club of the September District Seminar in Zanesville.  Keith J. celebrated the completion of the grueling chore of buying and selling of homes in a couple days that week.   Johnny D. reminded us of his upcoming Open House (see 8/14 newsletter).  John V(a). noted that all four of the club’s “John’s” were at the meeting, a great accomplishment! 

Marty then introduced David Meeks, Hilliard Development Director to update us on the state of construction and investment in Hilliard.  It was a rosie picture that described 127 MIL in construction and the addition of 2873 jobs.  He noted:

  1.  The recent ribbon-cutting at the new Verizon Building, one of 3 international magnet sites which will attract even more investment.
  2. The near completion of the new Giant Eagle and Rusty Bucket
  3. The completion of the 45,000 sq. ft. Ohio Health Building and its soon to be completed adjacent sister building which will house a Nationwide Children’s Hospital complex.
  4. The Community Arts Center & Theater, as well as the extension to Main Street of the Rails to Trails railhead.
  5. The upcoming Landmark Lofts which is starting with the relocation of Starliner Diner.
  6. The big new apartment community at Davidson and Truman which will include an extension of Truman to Tuttle.
  7. Our House Furniture Outlet
  8. A new senior housing complex just west of Darby Creek Nursery.
  9. Heritage Preserve which is well under way and will include 600 up-scale units.
  10. And they are looking for new hotel sites in Hilliard.

There is lots happening and Hilliard has been very successful in developing the land that is left into “highest and best” uses.  In response to some member questions, David said the Bo Jackson Center is still going to happen with construction starting soon and that they were close to getting the old Hickory Chase site to a new owner who will create a community considerable scaled back from the original huge project.  For those of us who live and work in Hilliard, this is always a great topic.  Thanks Mayor Don and David!

So, remember to “Light up Rotary”’

And – a “Member Moment”:

Take a moment and think about your reasons for joining the Hilliard Rotary Club…………...They were good reasons then and they are good reason NOW.  Join us and get re-involved!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Aug 14, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – August 14, 2014

We met in our temporary digs, the Scioto Boat Club since Heritage kicked us out for a week!  (Who went to Heritage?).  Carrie S-D managed the front desk and Flyer’s Pizza managed the food which was pretty darned good – pulled pork, nice baked beans, good pasta salad, homemade potato chips and cookies!  I’ll do that any day!  Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge.  Johnny D. offered a prayer.  President elect John L. announced Bev M’s birthday (Bev had scooted after our Great Debate meeting), Mayor Don’s 25th wedding anniversary and John V(o)’s 39th wedding anniversary for which John made the requisite $39 contribution.

Steve H. filled in as Sergeant-at-Arms.   Kim G. announced that our good friend, Tammy H. was now one-year cancer-free.  I, for one, look forward to seeing her smiling face at meetings again!  (Tammy?).   Kim also reminded folks the Great Debate is coming up and we need workers in all areas.  She welcomed John L’s contribution of the first silent auction items: 4 very nice hand embellished golf towels made by his sister-in-law.  OK folks – time to get going!  Now this is embarrassing, but one of our members (my notes do not say who) mentioned a great recent vacation, filled with lobster from a cousin’s lobster fishing business – 2 and ½ at one sitting.  Maybe it’s just as well I can’t remember who was such a lobster eater!  Marty B. also commended getting to work on the Great Debate.  Johnny D. recommended the Circleville club’s upcoming golf outing.  He also said his new offices were occupied and that an Open House will be the evening of 9/25 and will include an effort to help feed vets that need the help – bring canned food and see his offices!

Steve H. won the Ace of Spades Raffle but could not find the Ace.  Keith J. won the meager 50-50 Raffle.

Mike Chadsey was our speaker from the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.  He spent some time dispelling some myths and inaccuracies regarding oil drilling, especially fracking in Ohio.   They have 3100 members.  These wells are drilled anywhere from 50-100 feet up to 13,000 feet.  79 out of 80 counties have wells and there are 64, 379 active wells!  Fracking is not new.  He showed us a Popular Science magazine where it was discussed in 1941.  The technology is relatively unchanged.  The United States is not the world’s largest oil producer!  The wells are typically drilled horizontally once they reach a certain depth which allows one well head to bend various directions and drain a substantial area.   Their primary regulations on a Federal level include Clean Water, Clean Air, and Safe Drinking Water.    It was interesting and made one feel some better about “fracking”.  Thanks Mike!

Remember to “Light up Rotary”.  And members, please join us at meetings and/or activities.  Rotary is not meaningful to you if you are not involved and it is not nearly as fun for the rest of us when you are not here.  I did the pre-member orientation for nearly all of you and each one of you looked me in the eye, and promised you would be faithfully active!!!  Come on!