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Posted by John Vogelpohl on Apr 10, 2014

The Rotary Club of Hilliard newsletter – April 10, 2014

Shreve J. handled the front desk, while Non-President John V. greeted and led The Pledge.  Linda B. offered a prayer.  President John V. noted that “Lend A Hand Hilliard” event was coming up that evening and that our own Doug H. would be honored as representing the Rotary spirit of community service.  President John also commended upcoming District Assembly to the club (April 26 in Chillicothe), and especially upcoming District Conference (May 16-17).

Mayor Don S. stood in as Sergeant-at-Arms and Marty B. volunteered a buck as he announced that the scholarship applications were ready for Committee members to take and read.  Doug H. was happy that he had just put his wife and mother in law on a plane to Miami.  You read that any way you want to.  The Mayor welcome Frank D’s guest to the meeting and noted that the last time we’d seen Frank, he still had hair.  Don greeted Dave C. noting  we had not “seen him for a while” and also noted that he was preparing a proclamation recognizing his son’s Eagle Scout achievement (never met an Eagle Scout I didn’t like, yet).  Kim G. shared with us that her uncle she’d kept us posted about, who had gone through a transplant surgery some time back and not done well, was in the process of passing.  Sympathy to Kim!  Don told Johnny D. that he should run for office and that the Mayor would vote for him.


This is getting old, but once again, Non-President John V. won the 50-50 Raffle with a ticket received in trade with Bill R.  Bill really needs to be a little smarter in his ticket trading.  Prospective Member Beverly had the winning Ace of Spades ticket but this time had the good sense not to pull the Ace of Spades.


Doug H. opened Student of the Month recognition noting once again how these kids were representative of a great school system we should all be proud of.    Our students were:

  1.  Caitlyn Snyder, Darby High School – Caitlyn is active in helping with Special Olympics and sports camps and is on the Student Senate.  She also plans to do tutoring.  She plays middle in volleyball, shortstop in softball, and also plays basketball.  She maintains a 4.3 grade average and her favorite subjects are Math and Ceramics.  She plans to attend OSU - major to be determined.  Her most influential person is her Dad who has been her coach in all her sports all through her career.  Her best advice is a basketball adage, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”
  2. Phillipie Motley, Davidson High School – Phillipie works the Optimist Football program and Boys Night Out.  His favorite subjects are History & Law (his Law teacher may be the best teacher in the world!).  He runs track (100, 200, 4x1, and 4x4) and plays running back and corner in football.  His inspirational person is Coach White where he learned to “Work for what you want and when you reach your limits, work harder”.  His best advice is simply “Dream it and go after it”.  He plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh and study Finance as well as play football.
  3. Tommie Horn, Bradley High School – Doug H. has known Tommie for some time and notes his first experience with Tommie was when he was one of about 100 kids attending a big pool party at their house and was one of only two who made a point of coming in the house as he left, to thank his hosts.  Doug decided this young man had been raised right and has found himself to be right in that belief ever since.  Tommie works in Youth Sports and as a camp leader.  His favorite subjects are Anatomy and English.  He runs several track events and is the football quarterback.  As a member in Bradley’s early formation of sports teams and going through multiple coaches, he learned the value of team building specially in a weekend camp where they go through intense training and team building.  His most inspirational person is his Mom who has passed, but who made him the man he is.  His advice is “Keep your head up; chase your dreams”.  He is attending Ohio Dominican on a full ride where he will play football under coach Conley and study to be a chiropractor. 

There you have it – great day; great kids.

And remember, “Engage Rotary, change lives”.  See you next week!!!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Apr 03, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – April 3, 2014

Shreve J. managed the front desk while Marty B. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.   President John V. announced it was Mark J’s birthday and that Kathy M. was celebrating her 17th wedding anniversary.  April 26th is District Assembly which is just a half day with lunch very well-spent.  Sign up on the District web site!  May 16-17 is the District Conference (sign up!).  May 10th is the Interact Pancake fundraiser.  Our Grant Committee successfully submitted our grant request for SON Ministries.  Then we conducted the Polio Plus heads/Tails Game.  Carries was not with us, so Mark J. was nominated by President John (seeing no volunteers) to be substitute Carrie and run the game.  Johnny D. won, beating out John V. in the finals.

Lynn R. stepped up to do his Sergeant-at-Arms thing.  Johnny D. told about being in St. Louis recently on business and talking with a guy in a bar about OSU football and discovering it was Ryan Shazir who was there to work out with the St Louis Cardinals.  They talked for an hour and Johnny copped several autographs.  Cool!  Doug H. was just back from a Caribbean cruise where he had a similar long conversation in a bar with a Jamaican guy who did not speak English.  Go figure!  Andy M. was just back from Washington DC where he said nobody speaks English, politicians included.  Kim G. reminded Johnny that autographed items make good Great Debate items, but Johnny had recently washed off his forehead.   John L. bragged that he managed to make a baseball opening day (THE baseball opening day) in Cincinnati where his beloved Cardinals beat the Reds.  Mark J. got to have Happy Birthday sung to him and chose to hear it from Mayor Don who did an absolutely amazing job.  

Then our speaker was introduced as our very own Johnny D. who related his career in the Marines.  It was an awesome talk which reminds you that there are folks out there paying a major price in our country’s armed forces.  At 17 years old, he read the book “White Feather” and was determined to become a Marine Scout/Sniper.  Mom had to sign for him to enlist and Mom did not.  But about a year later we had September 11 and he was determined to enlist.  At 18, he was able to and left for Parris Island on the same day he graduated High School (mom voted college).  He got through Basic in top 3% as a Squad Leader and was assigned to Camp Pendleton to train to drive Land Assault Vehicles (not what he wanted to do).  When he got there, they sent him to Twenty-nine Palms in the Mohave Desert at the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, but they had no record of his assignment and he ended up in the 2nd Battalion and with more training, on his way to Iraq in the city of Hit.  They had 300-400 Marines to observe and monitor a city the size of Columbus.  They were frequently under mortar attack.  As with all insurgencies, it was hard to tell enemy from others.  Farmers were paid to plant and trigger IED’s.  He was there when the Blackwater Security contingent was ambushed in Fallujah and hung from the bridge and Johnny was on his way to Fallujah (both battles of Fallujah).  After occupying the city, they withdrew when Iraqi authorities said they would police the insurgents, which resulted in Fallujah becoming a haven for the insurgents and eventually Johnny was back and part of the 3-week, door to door battle.  He returned to the USA and took Scout/Sniper training and returned to Fallujah where he witnessed too many losses of his fellow marines.  His last deployment was as a guard for a colonel.  Johnny was frank that the management of the war was highly political and that many bad (stupid) decisions were made by officers that resulted in losses of many American lives.  In his experience, he knows of two captains who are still in the brig to this day (dereliction, I suppose).  He was there when one particular Captain decided to stage a promotion ceremony in front of the city populous, well-advertised in advance, with soldiers lined up in rows in non-battle dress.  It was an open invitation for the IED that was indeed planted and killed 10 soldiers and injured 63.  He mentioned how poor the equipment was early on and how soldiers had to provide some of their own protection and armor.  He worked hard to keep his men safe.  He was eventually severely injured by an IED and came back to the USA to surgeries and therapy on his leg, hips, and wrist.  I write this story in humility and am somewhat embarrassed to even recount it as he deserves so much more.  He is now working to help vets who have returned with PTSD and other problems and to get the word out about our vets. Thanks Johnny!!!

Next week is Student of the Month.  Remember, “Engage Rotary, change lives”.

Posted by Keith Johnson on Mar 27, 2014

Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – March 27, 2014

Ace reporter, Keith J. took the notes while I was away in North Carolina.  He is a lesson for me in spare. lean writing.  He invited me to “wordsmith” it if I wished, but I think that amounts to adding words and flowers, which is not always a good idea.  So, with thanks, here is Keith’s “on the scene” report:

Desk: Mike B.
Greet: Mark J
Prayer: Phil
Meeting: John Va.

Shawna Davis, our speaker from Ohio Health
Scott Vanderwater
Beverly Marsh (guest of Carrie, prospective member?)

Calendar reminders for District Assembly and Conference.

SAA: Lynn Roose

  • Linda B: happy buck for Scott V.
  • Keith J added another buck for Scott and mentioned that a telephone call from Scott was our first introduction to Rotary Club of Hilliard.
  • Kathy M revealed next year's motto (is that what it's called?) (editor – “theme”)  "Light up Rotary"
  • Pastor Phil rubbed it in that it was cool in Florida, 65 degrees.
  • Lynn had those with ties stand up and commented on everyone's tie, concluding with Josh T's bow tie.
  • Tricia sang happy birthday Mr. President to John V.
  • Lynn displayed a photo purported to be Malik's underwear, but was actually his shirt under his sweater.  Bill had proof that Lynn took the photo because he had photographed Lynn taking the pic.

Tricia won the 50/50 and donated it back to the club.  I forget how much it was.

The ace of spades ticket belonged to our guest Beverly Marsh and she drew the ace of spades WINNING $181. (editor – dang!)

Speaker was Shawna Davis of Ohio Health.

Topic:  Affordable Care Act: Obamacare.

What it does:

  • Expand Access
  • Expand Medicare
  • Create state-based exchanges.  Ohio opted out.
  • No denial of pre-existing conditions.
  • Delivery system reforms: No more doctor-owned hospitals.
  • New measures to eliminate fraud and abuse.

Lively discussions ensued.

That's it.


Posted by John Vogelpohl on Mar 20, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – March 20, 2014

(Sorry this newsletter is so late, but I took a few days off in North Carolina this last week):

This was an unusual meeting, namely our annual Four Way Test Speech Contest.  We run that meeting a bit out of order and so is this newsletter.  Mike B. manned the front desk while John L. greeted and led The Pledge.  Linda B. offered a prayer.  President John announced that Bill and Linda R. are celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary.  The Board decided at the previous night’s board meeting to once again support SON Ministries in our District Grant application.  We will be participating again in the Hilliard Volunteer Fair with our Hilliard Rotarian of the Year, Doug H. as an honoree of the event.

We began the speeches with the Sergeant-at-Arms entertaining between the speeches.  The speakers were:  Kelsey Munroe, Tanner Warchal, Jack Morrison, Ameena Alauddin

Sai Pantrangi, Amraha Nadeem, Tyler Hoang.  We had a great diversity of speeches from kids who were articulate and proved that the 4-Way Test still has broad application.

During all of this, some of the Sergeant-at-Arms’ highpoints (by our own Lynn R.), and recorded by reporter John L. (as the author was serving as judge and tallying his score sheets) were:

John L. commented on a family a family tradition of grandpa taking grandsons to state basketball tournaments in various states (now Ohio) and that he was taking Luke that afternoon.  Bill R. mentioned that Moosehart in Chicago where his daughter worked had a winning team in the small school category where John had interestingly been last week.

Apparently Lynn fumbled with the basket and somehow poor Jonny D. got caught in between and was fined for correcting the S-A-A.  (Soon to be impeached) Sergeant at Arms, Lynn asked all the past presidents to stand and then quizzed several on the elements of the 4-Way Test.  We struggled!  No pins, no badges were fined, although Frank D. got by on a “world’s smallest pin”?  Somewhere in there, Frank D. waxed poetic (and long) on Rotary.  Speech timekeeper Doug H. flashed “time” cards at him, to no avail.  Steve H. let us know that he has been suffering through some serious health problems (on a serious note) while managing to help with the Interact Carrabba’s Fundraiser and the Speech Contest.  Even a hospital bed does not slow him down!  Much more Sergeant-at-Arms’ business was done; we have presented selected tidbits.

Mark J. won the 50-50 Raffle and Linda B. won the Ace of Spades Raffle again, but could not find the Ace (again!). 

It was a fun meeting and we look forward to sending Amraha to the District Competition.

Remember to Engage Rotary, Change Lives!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Mar 13, 2014


The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting - March 13, 2014

Shreve J. manned the front desk while Linda B. filled in as greeter and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered the prayer (after we located him in the lobby).  President John V. reminded us that the Board meeting is next Thursday (3/20) at the Roose Company at 5:45.  He also announced the 5th anniversary in Rotary for Immediate Past President, Dave C.  Kathy M. will be attending the All-Ohio PETS Conference this weekend for the official kickoff of her presidential training. 

Mayor Don S. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  He fined President John V. for the temporarily absent pray-er snafu.  Marty said scholarship season is coming up and that we will be awarding $6,000 in scholarships along with the Conklin $1,000.  He could use another couple members on the selection committee.  Doug H. used the ticket he won in last week’s Heads/Tails game to attend the Hilliard Education Foundation’s Cowboy Casino.  He had a good time and found it worth $10 to have his mother-in-law locked in the Casino jail for most of the night. George T. was privileged to attend the State of the City address and continues to enjoy the Mayor’s leadership in Hilliard.  Diego is returning soon and will spend some time with George and Sandy.  Mike B. thanked Mayor Don for serving as a dealer at the Casino.  Tony M. is gearing up already for the 5K Run with a meeting scheduled next week before the regular meeting at 10:30.  Steve H. reminded folks that this Saturday is the Interact Carrabba’s fundraiser at the Hilliard Community Center (lunch).  He also reminded everyone that next week is the 4-Way Test Speech contest with 6-9 speakers.  That meeting starts at 11:30 and it makes sense to get there a bit earlier to get your food and be seated by 11:30.  Come support these kids! 

The 50-50 Raffle was won by Steve H. and Linda B. held the winning Ace of Spades Raffle ticket but could not draw the Ace.

Then the podium was handed off to Doug H. for the Student of the Month program (rim-shot!):

  1. Danielle Alley, Davidson High School – Danielle’s service to the community includes volunteering at Riverside Methodist in various capacities including discharge and charts.  She is also active in Interact, Key Club (for which Doug was merciless), NHS.  Her future service will be involved with her career aspirations in medicine and her determination to help in free clinics.  Favorite subjects include Biology and Psychology.  She is also on a competitive dance team and the marching band.  Serving in the bank as a Field Commander was a big confidence booster.  Her best advice was that “There is no such thing as a free lunch” (it was pointed out even as she was enjoying her free lunch).  She plans to attend OSU in pre-med studies.
  2. Zach Cowan, Darby High School – Zach’s service includes working at St Laurence Haven (featured in that day’s Dispatch), and Habitat.  His favorite subjects are Math and Science.  He plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball (including on last year’s state champion volleyball team).  He is in NHS, on the Class Cabinet, and is a Panther Ambassadors.  His most influential person is his basketball coach whom he has played for, all four years of High School.  His best advice was “you can pay people back for money, but you can’t pay them back for their time”.  He is pursuing engineering at Purdue.
  3. Zachary Popovec, Bradley High School – His service includes youth football and basketball and working Christmases (as a family) at a homeless shelter.  He officiates youth flag football.  He plays football and will be playing at college as well.  Favorite subjects are Math and Science.   He is on the Class Cabinet, and NHS.  His most influential person is one of his football coaches who has taught him the “pursuit of perfection”.  Another coach gave him his best advice, “You have to have cognitive dissonance, meaning focus on your goal and leave yourself no way out from accomplishing it”.  He plans to attend Davidson College in North Carolina, play football and study pre-med.

So, Ok – we’ve done it again – three great kids who restore your faith in the coming generation.  Remember that next week is the 4-Way Test Speech Contest at 11:30!!!

And remember, “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”.  Join us next week!