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Black Friday Wine Tasting-$18 per person MUST RSVP Heritage Golf Club
Nov 28, 2014 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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Dec 05, 2014 06:30 PM
Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
Dec 11, 2014 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Board Meeting Roose Company
Dec 17, 2014 05:30 PM
Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
Jan 08, 2015 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Board Meeting Roose Company
Jan 21, 2015 05:30 PM
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Exchange Student Event Feb 06, 2015
Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
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Board Meeting Roose Company
Feb 18, 2015 05:30 PM
Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
Mar 12, 2015 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
Apr 09, 2015 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
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Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
May 14, 2015 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
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Executive Meeting Heritage Golf Club
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Installation Dinner Scioto Boat Club
Jun 19, 2015 06:00 PM
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Posted by John Vogelpohl on Nov 20, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – November 20, 2014

Carrie S-D managed the front desk ably, as usual, while Dave C. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer and Vice President Max ran the meeting for President Kathy.  He reminded folks about the Black Friday Wine Tasting.  Marty B. took the opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work on the Great Debate (convening the next day).  He has been busy and his committee chairs stepped right up and did the job!  Kim G. noted the Silent Auction was ready to go with lots of nice looking baskets and gifts (and based on what I saw Friday, that was an understatement – amazing!).  Greg R., incoming chair, noted that they continue to try to build on success and keep leaders in place so as not to constantly reinvent the event.  The plan next year is for individual members to take more responsibility to sell tables and collect silent auction items.  Don’t say you weren’t warned!   Doug H. said we will be pushing to sell next year’s tables at this year’s event. 

Mayor Don S. conducted the Sergeant-at-Arms session.  Kim started out sharing “BIG NEWS”!  Her soldier son was arriving in Columbus, soon, back home from Afghanistan for the first time in 3 years!  And with the news of another grandbaby on the way!  Congratulations!  Greg R. was recognized for his (Great Debate) OSU passion and his love for an annual “Elf on a Shelf” household tradition – namely an OSU jersey for his shelf Elf.  Laughs all around!  Dave C. had the happy announcement that his streets were quickly cleaned of snow (Mr. Mayor).  Malik M. was celebrating a birthday and paid dearly to have Mayor Don sing Happy Birthday to him.  The Mayor accepted the challenge and asked the writer of this letter to rate his singing.  As always, it was pretty decent with a nice use of a bit of vibrato at the end.  Well done!

Our speaker was introduced with little fanfare: Dave Kott, our very hardworking District Foundation Chair (as District Treasurer, I can tell you that Dave puts immense work and effort into this passion).  He began with a short video (with audio we could actually hear!) recorded in Peru at a slum where Rotary projects have provided hundreds of concrete/sand water filters and trained folks in the use of them.  Then Dave’s talk focused on helping us to feel pride and ownership of this wonderful, unique foundation that does so much good work across the world.  I cannot begin to cover a full picture of the RI Foundation.  He did remind us that it’s all about promoting peace, understanding, and goodwill.  It focuses on six core areas: 1) Peace and conflict prevention, 2) Disease prevention, 3) Clean water and sanitation, 4) Maternal and child health, 5) Education, and 6) Economic and community development.  There are three funds: 1)  The Annual Fund (which comes back to Districts in three years), 2) The Endowment Fund, which spends only its earnings, 3) The Polio Plus Fund which is dedicated wholly to polio eradication.  Across the world we are striving for all Rotarians to be part of “Every Rotarian, Every Year” as contributors.  Our club strives to be a club of sustainers or $100/year per Rotarian.  There are many other levels of recognition that culminate in your picture being hung in a hall of luminaries in Chicago headquarters (not going to be me).  He shared details on how and what amounts returned to our district have been used in the last few years and on our District’s success in meeting its annual pledges to The Foundation.  He spoke at the end, about the mechanics on the other half of the granting process other than District Designated Grants, namely the larger and more complex Global Grants.  Clubs often collaborate to manage these grants.  Our club has collaborated with the Olentangy Club on clean water projects.  He closed with a video about our support for an economic development program the Foundation supports in Honduras called Adelante, specifically to support creation of home businesses for women.  He closed with questions.  Very cool, very informative and something all Rotarians need to support.  Its where the” rubber meets the road” – where our talk becomes action.

Join us next week, and at this writing, be proud of one more great, Great Debate.  Thanks to all our club’s event leaders and hard workers.  And remember to “Light up Rotary”.

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Nov 13, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – November 14, 2014

Carrie S-D managed the front desk while Keith J. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President Kathy announced that Dave & Linda B. are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  James F. has been in Rotary 10 years this week!  The Board meeting is next Wednesday at the Roose Company at 5:30 – all welcome.  Then Kathy called up Greg R. to receive a pin for bringing in a new member; the first under a under a new membership program. 

Mayor Don stood in as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Pastor Phil presented some items he brought in for the Great Debate Silent Auction.  Chris N. announced his company was participating in a food drive (donations happily accepted), and that Steve G, from his company was planning to join the club, and that he missed last week’s meeting because he was taking mediation training (becoming a fan of the practice of same).  Doug H. thanked members for their work on the Great Debate.  Dave C. was glad to see family friend Emily at the meeting as a Student of the Month.   He also bragged on his son’s Davidson Cross Country team that is progressing through the state tournament.  Kim G. says it’s not too late to bring in Silent Auction items.  Kathy M’s husband has been elevated to a Department Chair at OSU!  Andrea had a great week in Denver last week for a Schwab conference with notable speakers like George Bush!  Greg R. asked who sponsors the Buckeye Man at the Debate since we need to invite him.  He also noted he was surely looking forward to 6 weeks of Elf on a Shelf at his house! (place sad emoticon, here sad).  At this point, there had been so much laughing and silliness that James F. reminded our student-guests that we were probably not good examples of adult behavior.  Dave B. placed in his $50 celebrating that big anniversary.  Chris N. paid in $5 for Doug H. to sing Happy Birthday to him which Doug bought out in favor of a trio of Students of the Month. 

Bev M. won the 50-50 Raffle and Dave C. held the winning Ace of Spades ticket but his proxy student-drawer was no help.

Doug H. called up our first student of the month:

  1. Waliah Saif, Darby H.S. – Waliah is busy with service opportunities that include UNICEF, NHS, Key Club, Interact, Meals on Wheels, and Panther Ambassadors.  She learned her positivity from Dad who just relaxes and enjoys life in his own good-humored way.  Grandma told her that “Every person needs help, so give freely”.  She enjoys Biology and Anatomy and plays lacrosse.  She plans to study Education and Biology in college and plans to attend OSU or the University of Chicago. 
  2. Brock DuPont, Bradley H.S. – His brother was an inspiration for Brock’s considerable community service.  Much of it revolves around his experience in his Sophomore year at the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar which he remains involved with.  He works with meals for homeless, and Patches of Light.  He originated a project that collects jeans for kids that may not be able to afford them called “Jeans for Teens”.  He volunteers at church and tries to “pay it forward”.  He works in an anti-bullying campaign and spends some spare time as a DJ.  He is involved with the College Jump Start program.  His passion is baseball, which is a year-round sport for him with serious training in the off season.  His primary position it pitcher.  His best advice comes from a sermon, about how many things we do may be a domino push that leads to so much more.  His 7th grade principle was who started him thinking about leadership.  He plans to study Athletic Training at OSU.
  3. Emily Mueller, Davidson H.S. – She is also busy in service projects.  She is a zoo aid, a Sunday School teacher, youth group worker, meals to homeless, visits residents of First Community Village and has taken multiple foreign mission trips.  A HUGE continuing influence is Camp Akita (which she shares with Doug H.).  She works there every summer, behind the scenes.  She is beholden to the influence of her family.  Mom reminds her that “The past is past and the future is unknown, so live on the present”.  She hopes to attend the University of Miami or Dayton and plans to study for a career of helping children with disabilities.

As always, great inspiring kids.  Remember to Light Up Rotary and see you next week!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Nov 06, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – November 6, 2014

Marty B. managed the front desk with a bit of help from Tony.  Malik was back among us and served as greeter and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President Kathy announced Steve and Tammy H’s 24th wedding anniversary.  It was Dave B’s 28th anniversary of Rotary and Lynn R’s 22nd.  She then presented Malik with his Blue Badge.  Tuesday is the Leadership Breakfast at First Watch at 7:30 – all welcome.  She also announced that Jim M. suggested creating a more interesting White Raffle so we are going to begin including free lunches if a Heart “honor card” is pulled.  Ace of Spades is still the homerun, though.

Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R. asked for Happy Bucks.  Christie C. noted it was John V(o)’s birthday according to Facebook.  She also recommended the Black Friday wine-tasting at Heritage as a club event; $18/person.  Greg R. said we need to really get serious about the Great Debate coming up.  We need Silent Auction Items (especially “large” items) and more Table Sales.  A sell-out would allow us to do lots of good work in the community.  He also mentioned a local family dealing with a mother’s cancer and how Interact was helping with some events and fundraising for the family.  Ask Greg about details and stay tuned.  John V(o) welcomed our old Bellefountaine Rotary Club friend, Jim Wojda, who did weekly make-ups at our club for several years when he was working in the area.  For some reason we always struggled with his last name and Jim pointed out that John murdered it yet again.  Kathy M. said her “boot was off” following her recovery from foot surgery.  Johnny D. said he was finally settled in as Hilliard’s newest official resident.  Steve H. paid his $24 for his anniversary.  John V(o) was given the opportunity to have Happy Birthday sung to him and he exercised the $5 option and asked for Jim “What’s His Name” to sing.  Jim sang perfectly down to “Happy Birthday Dear “I Don’t Remember Your Name”.  Doug H. walked in, then, with a Mantis tiller from Hilliard Lawn & Garden and a diamond necklace from Sawchuck Jewelers.  Support the businesses that support us!

Bob B. introduced our speaker Steve Jacobs.  It was a fascinating talk that I am not sure I could take good enough notes to summarize, but I’ll try.  He retired from NCR where he had run a division, Ideal Group” (which now consists of 4 operating companies) which they spun off to him and he now runs in a 100% “virtual office”.  Long story-short, he and his worldwide team of App designers (for Android) create living applications and educational application for folks, especially children with various disabilities.  They are all free to the end user, being financed largely through folks like Google.    One company creates aids for the blind with apps that are controlled through voice commands and screen swipes.  For example, these include a currency identifier, bar code readers (get that right soup, not dog food out of the pantry),  EBook readers that can manage hundreds of languages (he demonstrated the Chinese version), a music player, and a math tutor.  Another company aids deaf people with streaming voice to web.  Another company can scan math texts, convert to bitmaps, then read those to express mathematical formulas in voice.  The last company helps people with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning issues by “mining” technical terms in textbooks and re-expressing the information in learning “trees” that are more suited for these nonconventional learners.  They concentrate their learning products based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  This was amazing stuff.  We just continue to find so much constructive we can do with these devices in our pockets.

We had a full house with visitors, several prospective members and many Rotarians. Keep it up; it’s fun!  And remember this year to Light Up Rotary!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Oct 30, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – October 30, 2014

Mike B. managed the front desk while Mike R. greeted and led The Pledge.  Linda B. offered a prayer.   President Kathy announced that three club members have stepped up to serve as Youth Exchange Counselors, Bev M, Chris A, and Lynn R!  We are going forward with 2015-2016 participation in the program.  We will be sponsoring a long-term Outbound, hosting a Long-term Inbound and may be sponsoring up to three Short-term exchanges next summer.  Christie C. led the club in a game of Heads/Tails for Polio Plus.  A visiting exchange student candidate won two tickets to the upcoming Columbus International Festival on November 8-9, an event highly recommended by President Kathy.

Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R’s first Happy Buck was from Kim G. who missed last week’s meeting in favor of her Grandmother’s 102 birthday party!  She also noted that Silent Auction items were trickling in but that needed to be increased to a torrent!  Andrea E. missed last week’s meeting but paid in $14 this week commemorating her 14th wedding anniversary.  Shreve is helping put together a party bus to the Cavalier’s game November 19.  See him for details.  Linda B. read a short passage from Somerset Maugham suitable for Halloween.  Kathy M. saw Sonny at Hilliard Lawn & Garden and helped him corral three escaped dogs.  She reminded him it was time for a Silent Auction donation and he said he had one, but Doug H. had to come pick it up.  Keith J. was happy we had three new Counselors.  Bob B. was just back from a week in Disney World with his 2 (3?) princesses; back tired and broke. 

Diamond Jim M. was back in form, winning the 50-50 Raffle.  The Bill R/John V(o) consortium won the Ace of Spades Raffle but designated drawer Bill did not pull the Ace.


Andy M. introduced our speaker, Judge Dan Hawkins.  It was a most interesting talk on matters that we read of often in the paper.  Membership was so interested that Judge Hawkins had questions lined up all the time.  He is the (only) judge in the Environmental Court.  The court is a division of Municipal court and covers 17 counties in central Ohio.  He is the third judge since the court’s founding, having been appointed to the court by Governor Kasich and then being elected to the bench.  He previously served ten years in the Special Victims Unit, which he admits helped to make him carry a bit more of a hammer than his predecessors, considering the cases he dealt with in that role.  The Court has a huge jurisdiction including things like: building/housing issues, air and water, sanitation, fire hazards, zoning, property maintenance, safety codes, public nuisances.  His court is unique since most courts deal with crimes that have been committed while his court’s violations are likely ongoing.  He hears cases like animal cruelty, toxic waste/haulage, sites for criminal activity (old hotels) when his court may be able to address them more speedily than in The Court of Common Pleas.  His team includes follow-up officials and officers.  They are currently also working on developing their website to include many more resources and helps for the public.  Thanks to Judge Hawkins for a great talk.

See you next week and remember to “Light Up Rotary”.