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Posted by John Vogelpohl on Jul 24, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary meeting – July 24, 2014

It was a pretty slim summertime crowd.  It’s so much more fun when you join us.  Make an effort to come!  Carrie S-D managed the front desk while Keith J. expertly greeted and introduced visitors.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.   We played the Heads/Tails Game for Polio plus with our game host, Carrie S-D.  Our visitor from the Lancaster Club won!  John V(o) won the 50-50 Raffle and President Kathy won the Ace of Spades Raffle but left empty-handed, even after young visitor John L. 5th drew for her.  President Kathy opened the meeting asking for a recitation of the 4-Way Test, which required a stab by our visitor from Lancaster.  Three out of four ain’t bad and still got him a prize.  Study up; she says this is not the last time!

Marty B. stood in as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Keith J. announced he had sold his house!  Christie C. said the fair was a great event this year.  Pastor Phil announced he had celebrated his 57th wedding anniversary.  Kim G. is getting the Great Debate ball rolling and announced a committee meeting at First Watch on Tuesday at 7:30 AM.  Please help if you can.  This needs to be a broad club effort, not the effort of a few.  John L. (III) praised his daughter in law for being willing to try as many times as required to give birth to John L (V), which she managed to do first try and who was at the meeting with Grandpa.  He also noted how much he enjoyed last week’s speaker, John Dickerson.  Greg R. was proud to have his wife with him.  He behaved better than usual, accordingly.  John V(o) said he had a great 3 weeks with Fiona who flew home Tuesday, and he was happy to be starting vacation with his British cousins for two weeks beginning Sunday.  Chris N. was back from Disney, and Chris A. was back from a lake vacation.

Then Chris A. introduced our speaker, Leah, from Experience Columbus.  She was an animated speaker of contagious enthusiasm.  She is a Certified Columbus Tourism Ambassador as is out own Christie C.  She encouraged folks to use Experience Columbus as a valuable resource.  Some factoids included:

  1.  They function somewhat as a convention and visitors bureau.
  2. Conventions and tourism bring $7.8 Billion into central Ohio with the big winners being restaurants and retail as well as lodging.
  3. It creates 61,000 jobs!
  4. It generates $1.04 Billion in taxes.
  5. One of the biggest groups they assist is the 4-week American Quarter horse Congress.  It’s huge!
  6. They have 930 Business Members
  7. Any one of us can become a Certified Columbus Tourism Ambassador, by attending a 4-hour class, reading the manual and passing a test, all of which her group sponsors.
  8. The Columbus Sports Commission is a sister organization
  9. John L (V)’s dad is on the Columbus Sports Commission.
  10. John L (III)’s son is on the Columbus Sports Commission

Kathy M. asked that we all accept a role in encourage members we have not seen at meetings to attend more regularly.  That’s good for all of us.  John L. (V) ended the meeting with a recitation of this year’s motto, “Light up Rotary” and a hearty ring of the bell.

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Jul 17, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – July 17, 2014

Tony M. managed the front desk while Shreve J. greeted and led The Pledge.  Dave C. offered a prayer.  President-elect John L. stood in for President Kathy.  He announced that it was George T. birthday.  He also read a nice thank-you note from one of our well-raised scholarship recipients. 

Mike B. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Tony M. announced we had 175 runners in the July 4th 5K and that it appeared we made $5,000 for the club.  That is SWEET!  Dave C. said that for the first time all seven of his family ran!  He also plugged sponsorship opportunities for Hilliard Davidson’s Cross Country, 5K.  Members raised a collective sponsorship on the spot.  Greg R. recently needed a bit of legal consultation and was pleased with the services provided by our own Dave C.  He also announced the sad news that Ken Brenneman, Hilliard arts advocate extraordinaire, has brain cancer and has been placed in hospice care.  We felt this was important enough to share with you so you can share your affection for Ken.   Mike B’s son was recruited for a great new job.  Our visitor/prospective member, a Hilliard Librarian celebrated the library’s summer reading program with 10,600 readers signed up and an average of 30% completing.   Jim M. was fined for wearing jeans.  Jim started to take umbrage with the Sergeant-at-Arms’ shorts but thought better of it.  New member and new mother, Bev, was glad to be out of the house for a bit for the first time in a few weeks. 

Marty B. won the 50-50 Raffle and the Bill R./John V. co-op owned the winning Ace of Spades Raffle ticket, but decided to let the pot grow!

Chris A. introduced his friend as the day’s speaker, John Dickerson, long time educator, principle, coach, referee, and member/leader of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).   He is also in the OHSAA hall of fame.  I took tons of notes and have to confess I liked what I heard.  John reminded us that High School athletics are not professional, or even at the level of big-time college.  He still believes in the quaint notion that kids should be allowed to be kids, and that high school sports should be enjoyable and educational.   He reminded us that 90% of high school athletes get no scholarships, and less than 1% will play professionally.  He has worked hard to keep high school athletics “pure”.  He worries we stretch kids too thin and that there are fewer and fewer “pick-up” games and fewer multi-sport athletes since a single varsity sport can be very consuming.  The OHSAA receives no tax dollars and requires no fees from the schools.   Membership is voluntary.  They oversee 24 sports, 12 boys’ and 12 girls’.  A frequent issue they deal with is student eligibility, and of course rules updates and revisions.  He noted that rules are great “until they apply to our kid”.  He shared referee war stories, most funny if not sad as well.  The OHSAA also sponsors an annual Sportsmanship, Ethics, Integrity award for coaches.  He also explained how teams are chosen from each of six districts for tournaments and about how referees and officials are qualified and trained.  Then he answered lots of questions.  It was a great talk and for more fun on top of fun, Marty B. ended it by telling Mr. Dickerson that he had been Marty’s Senior Year Advisor!  Neat!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Jul 10, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – July 10, 2014

Carrie S-D cheerily managed the front desk.  Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge while Pastor Phil offered the prayer.  President Kathy led off by calling Chris A. up to the front and swapping out his Red Badge for a Blue Badge.  Congratulations!  She announced that Greg R. was celebrating his 13th wedding anniversary (for which he paid the requisite annual fee).  Then, we learned that Pastor Phil was celebrating 57!  When you get past 50, we let you off the hook of paying! 

Mayor Don then stepped up and served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  I am not sure. But it seems he was fairly gentle because I did not record many fines.  Chris A. said that he had seen Carrie S-D drop a bill coming into the meeting and returned it to her – a $100 bill!  What was shocking about this is that Carrie would have us believe she never has more than 4 quarters on her.  Marty B. was glad our German exchange student from 3 years back, Fiona, was visiting us.  Tricia H. was glad to be back among us.  Andy M’s daughter ran in our 5K and finished first in her division.  Turns out, so did our own Johnny D., by virtue of not entering his age, he was first in the “no age division”.  Lastly, Don welcomed Jim M. “back”. 

George T. won the 50-50 Raffle, and Mark J. held the winning Ace of Spades ticked but could not pull the Ace.

Our speaker was Doctor Robyn Wilson, from the OSU School of Environment and Natural Resources.  Dr. Wilson and the School are working with the City of Columbus to gauge awareness of Columbus residents of Global Warming and their desire to be part of anti-Global Warming efforts.   This initiative will help Columbus allocate resources and structure an appropriate level of involvement.  So, we all got clickers with a 1-10 on them and questions were asked during the presentation, to which we entered our responses, which were immediately compiled and displayed on screen.  You have to love technology!  We also completed a 1-page survey before the presentation and a three page one after.  Our responses were to aid her academic research.  She had lots to pack into a 30-minute talk and since it is a controversial subject, some found it frustrating not to have more time for questions, but it made us all think, for sure.  We surely manage to get some quality speakers!

See you all next week and remember to “Light up Rotary”!

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Jul 03, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – July 3, 2014

Tony M. managed the front desk while Marty greeted and introduced visitors.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  After a pretty sad ringing of the bell and a more forceful bell ring, President Kathy opened the first meeting of her presidency with a Club Day.  She invited Johnny D. up and awarded him with a Rotary pin designated for veterans.  Then she invited everyone else up who had served and awarded them similar pins, including a Florida Rotarian visitor, a visitor of John Lowe, Dave B. and a visiting Rotary District 6690 YEP Committee member (who came with our most recent Rebound, back from Peru).  These veterans led the club in The Pledge.

The District 6690 YEP representative said they were working hard to keep the program fresh, and current, and high quality.  It takes lots of effort to maintain to our standards!  Then Past President John V. called up Kim G. to award her with the Rotarian of the Year award.  Congratulations Kim!

Tony M. reported that the 5K (tomorrow) was staffed!  He also noted that this week was George T’s 21st anniversary of Hilliard Rotary membership.  Then Kathy called up Chris N, Andy M, and Johnny D. to trade in their Red Badges for Blue Badges.  Carrie S-D, recruiter extraordinaire, assisted. 

Mayor Don S. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Christie C. announced that the much anticipated horse harness racing exhibit had arrived at the fairgrounds and was set up and ready to go.  Our Florida visitor noted that his 13 month old (local) grandson was cutting teeth and enjoying his grandpa.  He was going from Columbus to Minnesota to be part of a RYLA training.  Bill R. announced that daughter Christina has a ring!  She has lived in Ghana for several years where she apparently had to go to meet a man from Illinois!  Congratulations!  Proud Illini John L. said that Illinois was a great state to get a husband from, but Bill asked how anything good could come from a state that started with “ill” and ended with “annoy”.   John L. was stung!  Then our 6690 YEP rep. read a letter from ChanJu’s parents thanking everyone for helping her have a good year here.  Fiona is visiting in a week for 2 weeks and may need some family activities to participate in to stay busy.  Let John know.  3)  He saw John L’s (the younger) name in the paper three times last week.  Steve H. said we had our RYLA students lined up.   Johnny D. said his new offices had been completed and he would be having an open house in August.  Tony M. was happy that the 5k was staffed and ready to go.

John V(a) won the 50-50 Raffle and the John V(o), Bill R. Investment Syndicate won the Ace of Spades Raffle but had no luck drawing the Ace. 

President Kathy said Beverly appreciated her baby gift from the club and hoped to be back by mid-August.  Heritage is closed for the meeting day of August 14, so we will be having box lunches or pizza at The Boat Club that week (Mark Your Calendars!).  This year we will be making $50 contributions to the Hilliard Community Assistance Council when members lose loved ones (in their names), rather than send flowers.  She mentioned that the survey results showed that members want more social events, so we decided to organize a bowling night.  They also want more community events, so we will be participating in the Hilliard Street Fair.  We need a leader for that.  John V(a) reported that the Board is planning on placing benches in Hilliard parks with our name on them. 

We ended with a call for new leadership in several areas of the club, in hopes that newer members might want to step up:  Marty B. – managing the Great Debate, which is already well-organized at committee levels, so it is not a HUGE job. And also Marty is looking for someone else to lead the Scholarship Committee which is a reasonable once-a-year job.  Tony M. -  looking for new blood to lead the 5K, which is run by a professional company and mainly needs some staffing and most importantly recruiting sponsors.  Lastly, Steve H. - ready to turn over ten years of hard work to manage our three Interact Clubs (which already have great school advisors and club advisors), as well as someone to carry the flag on the 4-Way Test Speech contest.  This is also a very manageable job that mainly involves maintaining relationships with the schools’ public speaking teachers to recruit student-speakers. 

Kathy closed the meeting with Rotary’s new theme, “Light up Rotary”.

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Jun 26, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – June 26, 2014

(This Letter is assembled from notes supplied by roving reported, Keith J. – so, 1)  Thanks, Keith and, 2) Blame Keith for any errors!)

The Front Desk was ably managed by Tony M. while Carrie S-D greeted and led The Pledge. The Prayer was offered by Pastor Phil.  I have to say after all the years that Phil’s prayers always remind us that one of our greatest blessings is the opportunity and privilege to serve.  He is always expressing thanks for Rotary’s opportunities to serve,

Isabella (Izzy) Dawes received her scholarship awarded by our club.  She plans to attend OSU Fisher School of Business!

Club anniversaries announced included:

  • Sarah D. - 2 years
  • Jay B. - 6 years
  • Mike B. - 13 years
  • Linda B. -  9 years  (after 25+ years as a “RotaryAnn”)
  • Don S. - 13 years

Sergeant at Arms was a Rookie performance by Johnny Dawson (wish I’d been there!)

Happy Bucks included:  1) Keith J. brought Korean Rotary Youth Exchange pins left by Chanju.  He reported that Chanju has finished her travels with her mother and has returned home to Korea.  2) Tony M. needs help for the 5K on July 4, particularly for registration at 7:00 AM – service will be short and sweet and you’ll be back home while your family is still in bed!), 3)  Chris N. closed on his Hilliard home and will be consolidating his Dublin and Powell offices in Hilliard.  4)  Bob B. admitted that it was his birthday even though it was not on the website.  Everyone sang.

The 50/50 was won by President John V as a “parting gift”.  The Ace of Spades was Chris N., but he did not draw the winning card.

The speaker was Yvonne Lescko from the Ohio Farm Bureau (anyone notice a pattern?  I hear their accountant is speaking next week).  She is a lobbyist who works on agricultural and food related legislation.  Many interesting facts were shared including:  1) Ohio is the nation’s leading producer of Swiss cheese (that works well as I am the leading eater of Swiss cheese).  2) 30% of Ohio's corn and bean crop are exported out of the country!  3)  Current tracking systems allow producers to follow every batch of produce from the field to the store which allows the rare recalls to work efficiently and accurately.  4)   GPI Data allows farmers to fertilize only the parts of their fields that need it.  5)  Organic standard are different in all countries but the actual food is no more or less nutritious.  6)  Always wash your fruits and vegetables even if you are going to slice it (e.g. watermelon), ... and many more!

Before marking the end of his reign with his last meeting with a ring of the bell, President John mentioned that someone left sunglasses at the installation dinner. 

And for the last time:  remember to “Engage Rotary and Change Lives” !