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Posted by John Vogelpohl on Oct 16, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting - 10/16/2014  (notes by ace-reporter, Keith J, as edited by John Vo.)

Mike B. managed the Front Desk and our greeters were Red-Badger Robin N. and old-hand Mike R.  The Pledge was led by Robin N.  Johnny D. offered the prayer.

Guests announced by Mike R: Stacy Schonhardt, Daniel Mattera, Maddie Hedrick, Tom Woodford, Steve Guglialmi (guest of Chis N.), Debra Matera, Chris Reall (guest of Carrie S-D), Jason Gorham (guest of Greg R.).


President Kathy brought the meeting to order and announced Frank D. has a wedding anniversary.  The following have Rotary Anniversaries: Chris N, Greg R, Christy C, and Keith J.  (Take a look at that group and you’ll see four folks who are nearly Rotary rookies but who have all taken on major roles and responsibilities!  Thanks!).

The club has a Hilliard Davidson student who has applied to be a Rotary Outbound exchange student.  In order to sponsor her we are required to host an Inbound, something we were not prepared to do in 2015-2016.  We are unable host an Inbound unless two members, a man and a woman, step up to be Counselors.  This involves moderate training and passage of a simple test (take the test as many times as it takes to get an 80%).  See Keith and/or John Vo. for details.  This is really important if our club is to ever re-engage in Youth Exchange, as I suspect we would all like.  Please think about whether this is YOU!   If we manage this, John and Keith will be on a Youth Exchange Committee to manage the effort and support the Counselors.

A special Paul Harris Fellow pin with 3 jewels was awarded to Lynn R, our own Foundation Chair, who puts his money where his mouth is!  This means Lynn is a Paul Harris Member three times over.  He is the only four-timer in club and we should be very proud of him and congratulate him! 

Our club is sponsoring United Nations Day in Columbus on 10/24.  Various speakers will discuss women's issues.  If you are interested in attending, see Kathy.  Our club has purchased a table.

Lynn served as Sergeant-a-Arms.  Happy Bucks were offered by: Linda B, John Va, and Bill R.  Tricia H. reminded us that 5th Thursday coincides with beggar's night, so we will be having it next Thursday at the new Rusty Bucket at 5:30!  According to Marty B, next week prior to the regular meeting, the Great Debate committee, and anyone else who wants to join, should arrive at 11:00 and make phone calls to get Silent Auction items and to sell tables.  Don S. was happy that his daughter Stacy was there as one of the RYLA presenters. Greg R. thanked everyone who brought purses to donate to Dressed for Success.  President Kathy pointed out that Stacy was “too cute to be Don's daughter” and made a comment about the milk man.  John L. was happy for the Cardinals being in the playoffs but not happy that they trail the Reds.  James was happy for the Royals, his childhood home-town team.  Lynn mentioned that Tom Fitzpatrick, former DG and highly respected Rotarian had passed away (Elford, Inc).  Keith J. was happy to be back after a couple weeks away and reiterated the need for Rotary Youth Exchange Counselors.

Bill R. won the 50-50 Raffle of $19 and Keith J. had the winning  Ace of Spades ticket, but the visiting student could not pull the Ace of Spades for Keith.  The pot grows.

The program was about RYLA, a great District 6690 Youth Leadership program, championed by our member, Steve H.  He introduced our student guests.  They each explained what they got out of RYLA and how they are already using the skills they learned that weekend.  They demonstrated one of the many activities they engaged in.  We all paired-up back-to-back and each person folded and tore a paper while following the instructions of the other.  The goal was for both team members to have identical papers.  It was fun.  Each student shared his/her personal mission statement and they answered questions about the weekend and their future.

Remember to Light Up Rotary.  (and think hard about whether you are our next YE Counselor)

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Oct 09, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – October 9, 2014

Mike B. ran the front desk and Chris A. did last-minute duty as Greeter and Pledge Leader.  Sadly, that did not provide him with ample time to get name pronunciations down pat, which cost him later.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.  President Kathy announced Andrea’s birthday, Chris N. and Andy M’s 1st Rotary anniversary.  It was also Max’s 13th wedding anniversary (which cost him $13 later on). 

Then Mayor Don S. served as Sergeant-at-Arms.  Chris A. got a predictable fine for name-murdering.  Pastor Phil said his granddaughter married a Columbian man.    Marty B. was back after an enjoyable visit with his daughter in Brooklyn.   Dave C. thought it was ironic that one of our Students of the Month, Sydney, was seated at his table since she normally lunches with his daughter at school.  He also noted that last night’s Davidson choir concert was great.  Greg R. was looking forward to this evening’s Hilliard Arts Council fundraiser.  He also noted that all of our Great Debate personalities are confirmed.  And he is having fun with the Davidson Interact club!  Doug H. announced that 16 tables for the Great Debate are sold and 15 more are committed.  That’s a great start!  In a very cool announcement, Steve H. announced that Chris N. is taking over as Chair of our Interact Club Committee.  Thanks so much Chris!!!  ß(I rarely use multiple punctuations).  Steve H. still needs a 4-Way Test Speech Contest chair.  Linda B. said she and Dave are avid watchers of vanity license plates.   Lately they have spotted “WAS HIS”, “DIRT BAG” and on the way to the meeting, “NO PANTS”.  Linda asked Dave to slow down for a “better look”!  Tony M. reported that the Rusty Bucket grand opening netted $2,800 for HEF!  And yes, poor old Max paid his $13. 

Marty was back among us, so of course he won the 50-50 Raffle.  Steve H. won the Ace of Spades Raffle but had no luck finding the Ace.

Doug H. assumed the podium and introduced the Students of the Month (all three were their respective schools’ Interact Club president:

  1.  Sydney Weadock – Davidson Senior:  She is in her 4th year in Interact!  Her service includes Interact and she is very active in her church.  She is in the Academy EDU program and attends the ILC part of each day which includes observing a 5th grade class.  She is a 4-year golfer and in the Future Educators of America.  Her church and leadership training there has been instrumental for her.  She “Lives with no Regrets” and plans on attending Belmont College in Nashville and majoring in education
  2. Taylor Shook – Darby Junior:  She is involved in service in Interact and is also busy in church.  She is very enthused about a project she works in called “Bag It” where they collect gently used purses for the “Dress for Success” program.  She is also News Editor of the “Panther Press”.  She works hard at fitness and she dances.  She has started a cupcake/cake business.  She loves History and English at the ILC.  Her most influential people are her parents and she is determined to continue to “Start becoming an interesting person”.  She will probably attend Capital University in pre-Law and hopes to be a DA, and then a judge. 
  3. Jennifer Cimino – Bradley Senior:  She is involved in service through Interact and her church and is a tutor at Brown Elementary.  Her future service will be focused on her church work.  She enjoys the sciences, including Chemistry, Anatomy, and Biology.  Her interests include elementary tutoring and the “Clay Competition”.  Training in her church sponsored Young Life Camp has had a profound impact upon her.  She lives her life determined to “Give 100% every day”.  She plans to become a nurse and plans on attending the University of SC, University of Alabama, or Auburn.

As always, it was a great group of kids.  We had a big crowd there to meet them and enjoy them.

And remember to “Light Up Rotary”

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Oct 02, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – October 2, 2014

Shreve J. managed the desk while Mark J. greeted and led The Pledge.  James F. offered a prayer.  President Kathy reminded us one more time of the upcoming joint Interact/Hilliard Rotary Club fairgrounds painting and cleanup.  It is James F’s birthday and Jim M’s 44th wedding anniversary.  It is Pastor Phil’s 11th Rotary anniversary. 

Dave B. (And Linda back from their "2nd Honeymoon” in Italy, according to Kathy) won the 50-50 Raffle.  The John V/Bill R. consortium once again won the Ace of Spades Raffle and managed to pull the Ace (of Diamonds).

Lynn R. stepped up as Sergeant-at-Arms.   Kathy M. did indeed greet a new granddaughter last Thursday.  Her second piece of good news is that her dental reconstruct (after her accidental fall) is finally complete nearly two years later.  Then she flashed a once again beautiful smile.  Amy E. let us know she was doing some pro bono financial planning, so refer some folks who may need some help.  Carrie S-D had brought in a basket of hot peppers to share, and some promotional magnet/OSU football schedules.  Kim G. said the Rotary park benches have been shipped and Hilliard Public Works Department will assemble and install them.  She also said that her “soldier’s soldier” son has made E-5 more than a year sooner than normal.  Christie C. thanked folks who remembered milk cartons for the painting project.  James paid a voluntary fine to express his excitement that Carrie S-D had $2 CASH!  Our guest, Mike, a former Rotarian, told us how good it felt to be back in Rotary.  Continuing on the line of Carrie S-D and $2’s, John V(o)   offered to pay tuition for Carrie S-D to go to the pro bono investment planning.  Greg R. who was floating on a cushion of air last week after doing some of his first hiring in his new position, crashed back to earth with some employee managing issues.  Yin/Yang.  Lastly, Jim M. paid in his anniversary $44 counting each of $44 out and pausing at ones that represented special years, children, special houses, joining Rotary; very cool.

Chris N. introduced out speaker, Amy Armstrong, who has a private Mediation practice and mediates at Chris’ counseling center part-time.  He introduced her as one of the smartest people he knows who is also most well-spoken and able to explain anything to anyone.  High praise!  She also has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a qualified family therapist.  She defined conflict as any situation where your desires or concerns differ from another person’s - which means we all have conflict of varying degrees.  But without conflict there is no dynamic growth in an organization; so it’s how you deal with it.  Family conflict is one of the most stressful.  Mediators deal with the dynamics of:

  1.  One’s perception of the issue
  2. One’s perception of the “other side”
  3. Basic assumptions and beliefs that can get in the way
  4. Attachment to an outcome (based perhaps poorly on 1-3)
  5. Perceived threat.

The mediator has to “unpack” all that and get the parties talking.  People deal with conflict basically by avoidance, accommodation, compromise, competition and collaboration.  The mediator tries to move them (always) to the collaborative mode where there are huge opportunities to find mutually satisfying results – but again, it requires “unpacking”.  Mediators help people shift to using a part of their brain that suites this and move them from the part of the brain that react to conflict with the “fight or flight” options.  There were lots of questions and Amy shared interesting practical examples. It was a great talk and one worth hearing and thinking about when each of us could use the skills and philosophy behind mediation.

Remember, “Light up Rotary”.  See you next week!  (really)

Posted by John Vogelpohl on Sep 25, 2014

The Hilliard Rotary Club meeting – September 25, 2014

Great day to be a Rotarian!  Shreve managed the front desk while VP Max F. greeted and led The Pledge.  Pastor Phil offered a prayer.   President Kathy reminded the club of the upcoming Interact/Hilliard Rotary Fairgrounds cleanup on October 4 and circulated a sign-up sheet.  It was a birthday for Frank D, Shreve J, and Kim G.  My notes are poor here but Happy Birthday singing got traded around several ways.  I believe Shreve paid a couple bucks for the club to sing to him.  Then I think Frank nominated Shreve to sing for him which Shreve bought his way out of insisting he just does not sing!  Then somehow, Tricia H. ended up singing for Kim (and Frank?).  Sergeant-at-Arms Lynn R. was in town and conducted the session.  Tony M. announced the long-awaited opening of Rusty Bucket next Wednesday when 20% of all receipts will go to the Hilliard Education Foundation.  Kathy M. had granddaughter number three due that very day.  George T. is looking forward to more Grandpa-duty as Joey’s wife is expecting.  Greg R. said we received a thank-you letter from SON Ministries for our recent donation.  Greg also enjoyed interviewing and hiring three good people for his employer; an interesting process.  Shreve J. saw our very own PDG George H. at Hale’s Ales.  Jim M. was happy to be at the meeting and happy to be fined by the one-and-only Lynn R.  Greg R. attended the Foundation Seminar and kept our club qualified to apply for District Grants.  Frank D. (District Membership Chair) announced that District membership is up.

Then Max F. introduced his friend as our speaker, Vic Dodds, Navy Pilot.  Vic was 30-years as a pilot in the Navy flying Sky Warriors (biggest carrier-based plane ever) but mainly the Prowler (an electronic warfare plane).  He had the dubious privilege of bailing out of his burning plane once after his crew ejected.  He flew in the Vietnam War.  He was also involved in strikes in Grenada, the Persian Gulf, Lebanon, and Desert Storm.  His post-graduate studies included a Masters Degree in Management and a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies.  This was clearly a very interesting guy.  He chose to speak about two values that sound distinctly Navy and good business practice.  1)  “Bloom where you are planted!” – Experience, common sense, and attitude don’t come from a classroom.  His hero, Admiral Rickover said that “when doing a job, one must act as if he owns it”.  One is guaranteed advancement through absolute commitment.  2)  Accountability – You learn that in the Navy within the first 18 months or you are no longer in the Navy.  Jobs can be delegated; accountability cannot.  The officer is responsible for the actions of his subordinates.  He is not a fan of constructive “plausible deniability”.  Then he opened the floor up for questions and the group used the rest of the time with questions of all sort.  We learned lots about the intricacies of carrier landings.  Thanks for finding a great speaker, Max!

Then George T. won the 50-50 Raffle and the Bill R/John V consortium had the winning Ace of Spades ticket but John V. did not draw the Ace.

Remember to “Light up Rotary”.  See you next week!