Field day

Field day
Date:  Mar 23, 2013

Our wilderness first aid class is taking the Tues. evening training time this week. 

Sat. training: 

   2013-3-23  Field Day

Rope work for this March Sat. 23rd training. Meet at the cache at 1000. Bring lunch, helmet gloves, radios, GPS and the usual personal gear for all day outside. Bring as much rope gear as you have. Some groups may go to the Fred Meyer cliff area. We will be building  rope systems. Main line, belay line systems with as small a group on each set up as possible. The idea being to do hands on practice of as many items as possible. Anchor practice will come later in the year, so keep anchors simple. If you are new to the rope stuff concentrate on items 1, 4, 5, 6,


  1. Per Lipky book, main line. belay line lower with micro brake rack, tandem prusik-TRD (radium release device) belay. pgs. 12, 48, 49, 60, 61, 
  2. Add tension to the belay. Rigging for Rescue 2011
  3. Convert the micro rack to in series slot style lowering devices. ( we are favoring Black Diamond guide devices).  Rigging for Rescue 2011
  4. Per Lipky book, main line, belay line raise, 3 to 1 mechanical advantage. pgs. 11, 13, 64, 65.
  5. Convert to 5 to 1 complex mechanical advantage. pg. 67
  6. Convert to compound  9 to 1. pg. 68
  7. Switch to lowering using in series slot style devices with plaquet (auto stop feature) on main line, belay line tandem prusik-TRD or parallel plaquet.
  8. Rig the litter. Tilt capable. pgs 126-127.
  9. Per Lipky book rig for 2 rescuer climber pick off. pgs 130-131

   Remember to make anchor focal points with 2 offset clip points (usually loops) to accommodate adding tension to the belay, in series lowering devices, parallel plaquets, 9 to 1 raising etc.

Chores to fill:

  1. Overall coordinator - presenter - instructor.
  2. Safety Officer for Fred Meyer Cliff area
  3. Safety Officer for Gear Cache, outside weighted systems
  4. Team Leaders for groups of 2 to 4 for rigging practice.
  5. Gear Manager.
  6. Workman’s Comp. application.
  7. Scribe - statistician.