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         Apr 2014         
President Bill Kmiecik
President Elect Linda Borton
Treasurer Jim Thomson
Secretary Jim Bertucci
Assistant Secretary Ronald Walter
Vice President CW (Carl) Moellenkamp
Immediate Past President Mark Tauber
Club Administration Chair Matthew Bennett
Community Service Chair Dominic Gualtieri
International Service Chair Glenn Garlick
Membership Chair Michael Sweeney
New Generations Chair Michael Cassady
Public Relations Chair Dennis Kalka
Vocational Chair Rick Koebernick
Sergeant at Arms James Hassenplug
Web Site Coordinator Matthew Bennett
Foundation Chair CW (Carl) Moellenkamp
Apr 25, 2014 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
AH Immunizations Village Hall Arlington Heights
Jun 09, 2014 04:45 PM - 07:00 PM
Greetings from the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM

Clementi's Restaurant

602 West Northwest Highway
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
United States

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Posted by Matthew Bennett on Aug 18, 2011


Click on the Duty Roster link in the above center panel, right below our club flag, or click on this link to see the
Pledge and 4-WayTest Assignments

Posted by Richard Morton on Feb 28, 2013


Please check to see when you have the assignment of greeting members and visitors.

The link for greeter assignments can be found in the SITE PAGES BOX in the upper left hand corner of our website's home page, below the homepage banner OR by Clicking  . . .

Greeters Assignments

Posted by Matthew Bennett on Apr 16, 2014


1. Chicken Milanese with Penne

2. Eggplant Parmesan with Penne

3. Spinach salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Posted by Robert Paddock on Apr 03, 2014

ImageKatlyn Smith of the Daily Herald wrote in her published story, "With his first year steering Arlington Heights on the books, Mayor Tom Hayes touted the village's finances and looked ahead to plans for a new police station in his inaugural State of the Village address Thursday." 

To see the video of the speech, click here.

To read the rest of the story, see More...

Posted by Matthew Bennett on Apr 08, 2014

ImageLet it be known this 8th day of April the year of our Lord 2014, to all those of the Rotary of Arlington Heights Noon Club that Dr. William C. Park is being considered as a potential member of our club.  Dr. Park's proposed classification is physician.  His sponsor is Lynn Jensen. 
Posted by Robert Paddock on Apr 10, 2014

A certificated of appreciation was presented by to Terry Ennes by President Bill Kmiecik for “creativity and effort” as fine master last month.   Proving that our Fine Masters are indeed just, Terry later paid a Happy Fine about the recognition.  Neil Scheufler announced a kick off meeting for this year’s Santa Run, saying the group would also visit California Pizza for dinner as part of the effort to raise more funds for the Rolling Meadows Rotaract Club’s charity fund raising effort.  They found Marcie and Bob Paddock eating there too, Bob telling Marcie a second desert “was for the good of the cause!”

Mike Field said there are two spots open for Rotary Reads; sign up should be via Club Runner.  Remember 4/25 is our thawing-out spring event at the Thomson home, probably in lieu of a meeting.


Posted by Robert Paddock on Apr 10, 2014

Fun and Fines were supplied by Mark Tauber this week.  Happy were Kerry Pearson for his 40th wedding anniversary, and Don Marquis was at the other end of the spectrum, celebrating his first two weeks of marriage!  Congratulations to you both, and to your patient spouses!  Jon Ridler was happy for a chamber of Commerce trip to India, getting back last week and traveling with former Dist. Gov. Bill Ferreira.

Joe Musolino, happy to speak for the village’s Special Events Commission, said the recycling day Spring Sweep will be Sat., 4/26, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Nokia Siemens, 1501 West Shure Dr., with Document shredding, and colletion of electronic and used bicycles.  Visit for more information.

Rick Koebernick was happy to announce a Car Seat installation day at his shop, Dakota K Auto Repair, on 6/14, helping  fund scholarships.  The event will be all the better because village police will be instructing and installing the seats (not we Rotarians).  Kris Niemann helped us remember Paula Ulreich, saying the meeting room in the Wheeling Township Hall has been named after Paula.

ImageOur Fun was Master Mark’s Quiz on Psychology and Animals.  Try some of the test to prove you’re smarter than some animalsImage – 1. On what animals did behaviorist B.F. Skinner experiment?  2.  What game did he teach them?  3.  What animals did the Russian scientist Pavlov use?  4.  What dance do bees and Carl Von Frisch have in common ?  For the answers, see More...
Posted by Robert Paddock on Apr 03, 2014


William Park, an ophthalmologist here in Arlington Heights gave a photo-supported presentation about diseases of the eye overseas and here in the U.S., steps we can take to protect our eyes and new innovations in the eye care field.  Hopefully, we came to more clearly see the importance of eye care.

Bill gave us various statistics, a key one being that 43% of the world's visual impairment due to "uncorrected refractive error" (or need for glasses).  It gives a shocking revelation to a fixable situation.  The American Association of Ophthalmologists and Rotary International work together to raise the skills of ophthalmologists from less developed parts of the world. 

In wealthier countries such as ours, we need to nonetheless attend to eye care.  Many Americans have Dry Eye Disease, Glaucoma, Diseases of the retina (macular degeneration) and Cataracts.  A perhaps surprising statistic is that more than half the patients with glaucoma don’t keep up their treatment.  Sadly, glaucoma is a disease with no early symptoms noticeable by the patient.  Through regular visits to an ophthalmologist, these can be identified early and treated.  They  also can be avoided or minimized through the good living habits advised by physicians for our overall health.

In our digital age, the Vision Council in 2014 in Chicago said  70% of American adults experience digital eyestrain.  For some tips on how to minimize it, or to see bullet points of his presentation, click more…

You can reach Bill at  William C. Park, MD, Northwest Eye Physicians, 1588 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Arlington Heights, IL  60004.  847-392-9220. , www/

Posted by Matthew Bennett on Apr 08, 2014

April 25th - Spring Fling Event.  Starts at 6 PM and lasts until Jim Thomson says to get out of his house.

May 8th - Club Assembly


Posted by Patrick McMahon on Apr 01, 2014

ImageOn March 27, 2013 Don Hood spoke at our lunch meeting regarding Honor Flight Chicago. The goal of Honor Flight Chicago is to thank World War II and other veterans through a flight to Washington DC to visit their war memorial, and other war memorials. Honor Flight Chicago has made 53 flights since 2008, and will begin honoring Korean War veterans as soon as all willing and able World War II veterans have been taken to Washington DC.   Don asked us to identify as many World War II veterans as we can, and make sure they know about the honor flights. Honor Flight Chicago also needs volunteers to write mail to veterans for the "mail call" on the flight home.  More information can be obtained from, or by calling Don Hood at 773-227-8387.

Posted by Matthew Bennett on Mar 19, 2014

Image L.W. Calderwood Award recipient Michael McEvoy, accepted the title of "Officer of the Year" with the same modesty and gratitude he is known for.  A simple write up would not do the event justice, please click on any of the following five links for videos and print that covered the event. (special thanks to Tim Corrigan for the links).

Daily Herald

Tribune Local

ABC Local


NBC Local


Posted by Wellman Hoff on Mar 13, 2014


Bob Arnold, consulting, gave his classification talk today.


Having grown up in a suburb(Webster Groves) of St. Louis Bob speaks proudly of his allegiance to the St. Louis Cardinals and his fondness for another team(the Browns) that relocated and is now called the Baltimore Orioles.


Having received his undergraduate degree from the University Missouri, he then served a stint in the Army and then went back and received an MBA.  His Management Consulting career began in the mid 1960’s in the area of Information Technology.  A lot of his experience has been in automating Process Control.  His consulting days required a lot of travel throughout the U.S. and worldwide which he found very exhausting.  So he retired to be with his family.

Posted by Matthew Bennett on Mar 04, 2014

ImageRon Crawford will provide the club with a review of the 2013 Rotary Santa Run.
Posted by Robert Paddock on Feb 06, 2014


ImageThis extreme winter weather has caused water damage problems for businesses and homeowners alike.  By planning for natural and man-made disasters, you can reduce your losses.  Mary Helen Solan, owner of Servpro, a restoration firm dealing with fire and water cleanup, described  such planning.   She pointed out that 50% of businesses having a disaster never open again.  Of those that do, the majority had some sort of response plan in place.  She said planning is a responsible action which can benefit your employees and your customers. She noted that problems can happen without warning, an example being a fellow tenant who moves or is away, but doesn’t tell anyone…and the pipes in his space break.  The quicker the response the better – reducing lost business and secondary damage.

For more about planning to protect your business or home, and for information about their firm, see...



Posted by Michael Sweeney

ImageRobert Beezat, a businessman, public official, and community leader spoke the club about his book in relationship to Rotary’s Mission, Motto and Four Way Test.
Posted by Wendy Davis on Nov 13, 2013

                                           Please take an opportunity to watch this video on Shelterbox that recently aired on CNN.  Click HERE to watch the video.Image
Posted by Matthew Bennett on Sep 07, 2013

ImageAchieving the status of being a 100% Paul Harris club is quite the accomplishment, maintaining that status proves to be a challenge as we continue to increase our membership.  The opportunity to receive your first Paul Harris, give the gift of a Paul Harris to someone special or add another Paul Harris to your name is once again made easier, thanks to a very generous anonymous donor.  Please read the rules to the 2013 – 2014 Paul Harris Match Point Program, then download the Contribution Form/The Rotary Foundation form located under the “DOWNLOAD” section of the club’s website
Posted by Susan Duchek on Jul 10, 2013

ImageThe Arlington Heights Rotary Club Challenge for 2013 - 2014 is underway.  To learn more about how you can urn your points...
Posted by Lynn Jensen on Apr 22, 2013


We have just updated the club's photo directory with current pictures for well over 90% of our members.

This would be a great time to check out the club's photo directory.  Just go to the login page of our website, find the My ClubRunner section of the administration page (upper left hand box) and click on View Club Photo Directory (9 entries from top).  You will be impressed.

Posted by Lynn Jensen on Feb 26, 2013


We have a club of volunteers.  That is what Rotary is all about. 

But some of our members go above and beyond.  They seem to volunteer for everything.  They don't do it because they want recognition.  They do it because they see someone who could use some help or something that needs done. 

That doesn't, however, mean that we shouldn't recognize them.  In fact our Club has a perfect and easy way to recognize such people. 

Surely you know club members who should be singled out for a club "thank you."  Don't delay, fill out the form today and give it to Mark at the next club meeting. 

Posted by Dominic Gualtieri on Oct 08, 2012

ImageAre you on Facebook?  If so, you can go to our club's Facebook page by clicking on this link: (or cutting and pasteing this URL into a browser if the link doesn't work directly) OR

Clicking on the RCAH Facebook  here or in the left-hand column of our homepage, the last entry in the Club Links section.

Once  there, make sure you click on the "like" link on our Facebook page.  

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