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ROTARY IMMUNIZATION CLINIC Village of Arlington Heights
Oct 13, 2014 04:45 PM - 07:00 PM
Rotary Reads Forest View Educational Center
Oct 15, 2014 09:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Rotary Reads Forest View Educational Center
Nov 12, 2014 09:45 AM - 10:30 AM
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ROTARY IMMUNIZATION CLINIC Village of Arlington Heights
Dec 08, 2014 04:45 PM - 07:00 PM
ROTARY IMMUNIZATION CLINIC Village of Arlington Heights
Feb 09, 2015 04:45 PM - 07:00 PM
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Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM

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Posted by Kristine Niemann on Aug 26, 2014

USA flag

The link for Pledge and 4-WayTest Assignments can be found in the SITE PAGES BOX in the upper left hand corner of our website's home page.  From the Big Wheel, click just below the banner "HOME" to reach the Website page.

Posted by Kristine Niemann on Aug 26, 2014


Greeters Assignments

Please check to see when you have the assignment of greeting members and visitors.

The link for Greeter Assignments can be found in the SITE PAGES BOX in the upper left hand corner of our website's home page.  The home page may be reached from the Big Wheel by clicking on "Home" located below the banner.

Posted by Kristine Niemann on Oct 01, 2014


  • Menu:  Chicken Marsala, Suffed Pumkin Shells or Prosciutto Salad
  • SAVE THE DATE Friday, December 12 - Holiday Party at European Crystal!
  • "HELP SUPPORT OUR TROOP, SUPPORT THEMSELVES" THIS SATURDAY OUR TROOP 34 will have its Popcorn Site Sale at Northwest Auto Wash at Euclid and Northwest Highway across the street from the Post Office from 8-12. STOP By get your car washed, Say hi to the Scouts and stock up on some healthy Scout Popcorn!!! These are the same scout that help us run our Santa Run.
  • 1975 Exchange Student credits her experiences in Brazil as foundation for her future. We thought you might find it interesting to have a long-view follow up from someone whose life has been very positively affected by a Rotary exchange. The following is about Arlington Heights Rotary Exchange student Kim Robson. Kim is far too modest to promote herself in this way, so this is her brother Kraig Robson doing the work. If you have any questions or would like additional information, you can reach me at or 281-480-1010. Kim credits her Rotary exchange with an increased level of maturity, self-confidence, and an international perspective that has furthered her career. She gives great thanks to a Rotary program which can and does change the trajectory of a young life. Rotary Exchange to Brazil Selected in 1975 from John Hersey High School, Kim spent her Senior Year of High School in Itapolis in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. Kim was 16 years old when she left O’Hare airport for Sao Paolo, and stayed with a single Rotary family for the entire year. Education Kim went on to obtain a BS from the University of Chicago in Geography, and then a Masters of Science from Purdue in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (the science of making measurements from Photographs). Career in Defense Mapping Kim joined the Defense Mapping Agency after receiving her undergraduate degree, and has forged a 33 year career in Defense Mapping related assignments. Over her career, Kim has held a broad array of technical, systems development, analytic and policy positions. Recent positions include Deputy Director of the DNI Open Source Center and NGA Senior Representative at US Pacific Command. She is an Inter-American Defense College graduate and a Certified Defense Acquisition Program Manager. In 2010, Kim was awarded the Presidential Rank of Meritorious Executive. She is now the principal Senior Executive responsible for IT Service Operations at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA). Kim she leads operations, maintenance and cyber defense of NGA's global infrastructure, including a 24x7 Enterprise Service Center, IT call center and a newly formed Cyber Security Operations element. As the IT Services' Equality Executive, Kim also oversees Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Women in Technology Awards Kim is the 2014 winner of the Women in Technology, Leadership in Government Award. Women in Technology (WIT), the premier organization contributing to the success of professional women in the Washington, D.C.-area technology community, recognized Kim A. Robson with the Leadership in Government Award at their 15th Annual Leadership Awards Dinner on 3 April 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA. The WIT awards program honors outstanding women working in the Greater Washington, D.C. region who have exemplified unique vision, leadership and profound success in the technology industry. Kim was also recently selected to be a participant in the Women in Technology Leadership Foundry Class of 2015. The program is designed to train women for participation in corporate boards in the Washington DC area. Personal Kim is the mother of 3 boys (17, 19, 21) and resides in Vienna, VA.
Posted by Don Marquis on Sep 12, 2014

Here is a video of this year's Steak Fry produced by Don Marquis


Posted by Robert Paddock on Sep 04, 2014

Our Fine Fine Master Fining for Charity, Terry Ennes, asked for extra generosity because we’ll have only two meetings during his month as Fine Master.   Generously happy for the first time was Nick Mitzen, having relocated back here from Arizona.  Bill Kmiecik doubled his fine in order to have a Curious Fine about what seemed to be President Borton’s  special  relationship with Rolling Meadows.  Fodder for another fine was new member Nick, Mark Tauber saying Nick had been a student of his at Lake Forest Graduate School.  Kris Niemann was happy for Bill Park’s willingness to be both Pledger and Greeter on very short notice.  Jim Hassenplug was happy about having taken a cruise in New England.  Jon Ridler for having the Chamber Office back up and running quickly after the flooding (and the Santa Suits are okay, too!).   Millie Palmer was happy about her son’s team winning their how opener.  Millie said it seemed maybe the game was dedicated to Rolling Meadows Rotary and Linda Borton !  Bill Park was happy to hear our club lauded when he “made up” at Park Ridge.  Linda Borton was happy for our “collaboration” with Rolling Meadows and inducting her first new member as president.   Joe Musolino was happy as an ambitious Membership Chair to be fortunate to have his first new member.

Our Fine Quiz was based on "Name That Tune" – listening to the song, naming it, telling who performed it, then answering some questions about it.  For the answers and interesting background, see "More" below.  Get yourself to humming these tunes --

  • Heartbreak Hotel  [ The inspiration for the song got an "All right !" from Bob Paddock when it turned out to be a newspaper article about a suicide of a lonely man who jumped from a hotel window].
  • Cryin’
  • I want to hold your hand.
  • All Along The Watchtower
  • Born to Be Wild
  • Superstar
  • Call Me
  • Candle in the Wind

For answers and more info, see More…


Posted by Robert Paddock on Sep 04, 2014

Our guests this week, introduced by Bill Park,  were Joanne Bratta and Jennifer Vergara of St. Mary’s Services/Hopeful Beginnings, our speakers, and Nick Mitzen.

Announcements were presided over by President Linda Borton, turning to Ron Crawford to describe plans for the “Tour d’Arlington” .  To see theImage news story about our Saturday morning 9/6 event, click here. [Congrats and thanks to Ron and the Team for a good first-year effort, especially in publicizing Rotary and End Polio Now.]

Remember, our Steak Fry is next Friday, 9//12, 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 at Wendy Davis’, 1102 West Claredon Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60004, (847) 870-8706. 

No meetings 9/11 and 9/18 because of the Steak Fry meeting substitute and our supporting the special 9/25 Golf with Mary Cay (and the Kenneth Young Center and Arlington Morning Rotary).  If you don’t want to golf, you can still come, pay for dinner at Arlington Lakes .  It will be a great event to do good and to honor Mary Cay’s  many efforts in the community.  Jim Bertucci encouraged us to try to attend our next meeting, the first Thursday in October to hear former Rotarian Rotarian Magazine intern, now working there and who will talk of Rotary's rebuilding here.

Lynn JensImageen had his operation the 4th.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  Remember, Lynn, though you can’t pinch the ladies in the hospital, it’s okay to squeeze the fine lady at home !  And speaking of getting back, welcome back, Mike (Field): we missed you.

Rotary Reads has three sessions scheduled – 9/17, 10/15, and 11/12.  Contact Mike Field for info or sign up.  It’s a manageable commitment, 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. Use Door #2 for access at the Forrest View Education Center.

We have a fine(able!) new member, Nick Mitzen.  Welcome to the club, Nick.  Thanks, Joe (Musolino) for your follow through as Membership Chair.  Nick is in our directory –, 331-210-8466. Zounds Hearing, 905 E. Rand Rd.,  847-306-3808.  His field is about  hearing aid manufacturing, selling and distributing.

Posted by Robert Paddock on Sep 04, 2014

Our speaker spoke of new beginnings: a new location for Hopeful Biginnings, and of the essence of the organization -- an organization which facilitates Imageadoptions and gives maternity options counseling, reaching out in most any way needed to help mothers in need and their families.

Ms. Bratta formerly a school nurse in Rolling Meadows High School and worked with the Teen Parenting Program.  She is now the Executive Director of Hopeful Beginnings, an organization which doesn’t use government funds and is related to the Episcopal Church.  It's roots were as an orphanage in Chicago 126 years ago.  It works with women and families and tries to help women grown, and is now operating the Teen program for the school district.

One of its goals is to try to keep the birth mother involved in the adoption, with their preferred approach being “Relationship Adoption”, similar to “open adoption”.    Q&A established that it acknowledges the rights of birth fathers, too.  Most clients come to their agency so far enough along in the pregnancy that abortion is not feasible.  But if early on, [the Episcapal faith requires that] all three approaches are explained -- abortion, keeping the child in the family, and adoption.

Located now above Dr. Favia’s dental office on Northwest Highway, Joanne Bratta, R.N., B.S.N., M.S., is is Executive Director and can be reached at   The address is 300 E. Northwest Highway, Ste. 200, Arlington Heights, 60004.  Office phone is 847-870-8181, Cell Phone is 847-951-4853.  Accompanying  her was Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Vergara, MSW, LSW , .  

Posted by Wellman Hoff on Sep 02, 2014


Bob Heller, a member of our club for 57 years, gave us an updated classification talk.  Having grown up in Arlington Heights, he worked for the Park District during summers cleaning the pools.  In 1952 he graduated from Iowa State University and married Ginny.

He has worked in Heller Lumber all his life and recounts supplying coal as a being important in getting them through the Great Depression.

During WWII they could not get any dry lumber and he remembers getting and selling torpedo casings for building.  He said 4 homes were built with this lumber in Arlington Heights.

Bob passed around various wood products made of laminated wood pieces that were intended to replace natural cut wood.

Bob has attended Rotary meetings is Germany,  New Delhi India and Cairo Egypt.

By Bill Hoff  

Posted by Patrick McMahon on Aug 26, 2014

ImageOn August 21st our fellow Rotarian Jennifer Burnidge (accompanied by her two children Ryan and Ashley) spoke at our lunch meeting about her 2013 accident and how it has affected her life.  On Saturday, September 7, 2013 Jennifer was involved an accident with an automobile while she was driving her moped.  That Saturday was fairly normal; Jennifer went to work, went to the gym, and went to Ryan's soccer game. She was on her way to the Rotary gathering at the Northwestern football game and was driving her moped in the left lane of Rand Road south of Central Road when a car in the right lane of Rand Road swerved and hit the moped, causing Jennifer to crash.  She never lost consciousness (yes, she was wearing a helmet!), but broke she broke her left leg in several places (her left foot was turned 180° in the wrong direction, eek).  Several observers lifted her into a nearby SUV, where she waited for the ambulance to arrive. The ambulance took her to Northwest Community Hospital where Dr. David Zoellick performed a three hour surgery after consultation with the level III trauma team at Lutheran General Hospital.

Over the next several months Jennifer had six surgeries including surgeries to fix the several breaks, rule out or prevent infections, and bone graft surgeries. Jennifer journaled extensively during her recovery on topics such as medications, pain, sleeping patterns, activities and her State Farm business. But, worst of all, she had no cable TV during her time stuck in bed!

Jennifer is thankful to the many Rotarians who sent her food and visited her, but especially Dave Schultz who visited regularly to tend to her medical needs, and Sue Duchek who helped her sell her home and purchase a much more convenient condominium.  Jennifer is also thankful to Rick Koebernick who used his tow truck to lift Jennifer's piano into the back of a pickup truck during the move.

The driver of the vehicle that struck Jennifer initially pled not guilty, but based upon Jennifer's testimony he was found guilty of a traffic violations.  The driver had State Farm liability insurance, but it included only $50,000 in medical coverage (not nearly enough to cover Jennifer's medical expenses), so Jennifer has initiated a underinsured motorist claim through her own policy.

Jennifer has been out of her leg cast since mid-May, is now in physical therapy several times per week, and is feeling pretty good; except that her doctor won't let her wear flip-flops!

Posted by Robert Paddock on Aug 14, 2014


What do these photos have in common?  Read below...


GImageiving his classification talk as an Aviation Profession was William, a.k.a. Larry, and spouse of long-time member Kris.  Larry flew us, so to speak, around the world and who he is, giving us an overview of his life as a young man, a military pilot, a commercial pilot, a trainer and inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration, and now as a Rotarian.

Using a slide show spiced with quiet humor, Larry told of his family – 2 sisters, 2 nephews, wife, daughters (one, Tracy, works for Manor Care), and grandchildren… told of a heritage including immigrants from 1632, and his being a son of English Loyalists and a Son of the American Revolution!  In his youth, he lived in Hinsdale, a ranch in North Dakota, and at times at Kelly Lake, Wisconsin.

Graduating in 1965 from all-male Wabash College with a liberal arts degree, he went into the military and flew a wide variety of planes including prop and jet trainers, C-141 Starlifters, and the “Mean Mutha” A-10 Warthog.  Part of his time was as a forward air controller in Vietnam, on the ground and in the air.

ImageHe later became a civilian pilot with Eastern Airlines, then a FAA safety inspector.  He certified pilots, dispatchers, and airlines.  Part of his job included investigating the DC-10 crash May 25, 1979.  He also was the Principal Operations Inspector for Midway, Midwest Express and Air Wisconsin Airlines.

Now retired, he no longer looks after airlines…instead, he looks after Kris !  Here in the Arlington area, he has been the A.H. Bicycle Advisory Commission Chairman, VACON, EGT Trustee, and a trustee candidate for the village.  These days in Rotary he has participated in service such as going to Guatemala.


  For some photos of other planes he has flown, see "more" below.

Posted by Robert Paddock on Aug 07, 2014

Jennifer Holik, genealogical and military researcher, speaker and author, told of her efforts as a historian and writer to feel and convey what going to war wasImage like, for the soldiers and for their families.  She read moving passages from her books which immortalized and document the lives of ordinary people.  About four years ago because of a family interest, she started researching D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge and World War I.  She said the stories she found highlighted what was lost, broken or changed…but also things which were found and built upon.

She said she hopes to help people be able to track down lost records and details of the lives of relatives and others, and gain a deeper understanding of the events of their lives.    She cited types of records which aren’t normally thought of as searchable, such as military unit orders, for clues about points in a person’s life and feelings.  She said not to be deterred when hearing that records in the military repository had been burned up in a fire.  She also pointed out that stories can be told in different ways, and feels most anyone can be comfortable in recounting them.

She has written several books including, The Tiger’s Widow; Engaging the Next Generation: A Guide for Genealogy Societies and Libraries;  and Stories from the Battlefield: A Beginning Guide to World War II Research.    Writing to the reader in the introduction to Stories of the Lost, “Basic research is important so you have an overview of events, however, you must dig deeper.  Entrench yourself in the mud and snow, pain and grief, death and dying of war.  Feel what the men felt.  Experience the battle through their senses.  Witness what the family felt upon hearing of their loved one’s death.”

A historian, she specializes in research of WWII, Women, Italian Genealogy and Youth Education.  She can be reached through , 630-802-0947 , and and .  To read more about her, see "More" below.

Posted by Patrick McMahon on Aug 12, 2014

On July 31st Scott Speegle of the Illinois Department of Transportation spoke to at lunch meeting about the Chicago to St. Louis Illinois High-Speed Rail program. Scott is the Passenger Rail Marketing Manager for IDOT.  The program has now entered its fifth year and is scheduled for completion in 2017.  The program made significant accomplishments since its 2010 inception, including installing over 243 miles of new rail, 635,000 new concrete ties and 1,300,000 tons of stone ballast.  When the program is completed in 2017, the current Chicago to St. Louis travel time will be reduced from 5.5 hours to 4.5 hours.  The current top speed along the route is 79 mph, and will be increased to 110 mph upon completion.  Certain segments along the route have already been complImageeted for 110mph high-speed testing, including the Dwight to Pontiac segment, and the Joliet to Carlinville segment. The program also includes purchase of many new rail cars and locomotives, many new or rebuilt stations, significant improvements to reliability and safety, and makes the route compliant with ADA access requirements.  Funding for the $1.53 billion program has come primarily from the federal government, but also from Union Pacific, Amtrak, the Illinois Commerce Commission, and other partners.  The high speed program does not include segments from Joliet to Chicago, from East St. Louis to St. Louis, or within Springfield or Normal, all of which will be addressed separately because of their unique urban settings.  More information about the program is available at, or from Scott at

Posted by Kristine Niemann on Aug 05, 2014


Posted by Kristine Niemann on Aug 05, 2014

Image2014 Rotary Zone 28 Success Seminar

President Linda Borton and Board Members Glenn Garlick and Bill Kmiecik attended the 2014 Rotary Zone 28 Success Seminar on Saturday July 26th at Medinah Banquets in Addison, IL.  President Borton indicated that, “it is always fun to create new Rotarian friendships, renew old friendships and receive kudos from District Governors and Past District Governors as they talk about how great of the club Arlington Heights is.

Topics discussed at the seminar included opportunities and challenges facing Rotary, the Rotary Public Image, the Business of Rotary and the ongoing discussion of attendance at meetings vs engagement in Rotary.

Regarding the Business of Rotary, it was explained that our Club President is really the Chief Marketing Officer of our club, our Public Relations members are the advertising staff and the Community, International, Vocational and New Generations committees are all customer service reps.  Satisfied Customers equals happy members and happy members mean more members.

Regarding attendance vs engagement it was pointed out that more and more clubs do not consider attendance as important as it once was.  The focus of many new or reinvented Rotary clubs is service projects with the social aspect of Rotary, which we call lunch, being events where members can just chat or have fun, not necessarily at the same time each week and not necessarily with a meal or refreshments.

Rotarian Garlick found the meeting very interesting and wondered, “why wouldn’t every club have at least one member, or as many as wanted to attend, attend these meetings.  They are so valuable!”

Posted by Kristine Niemann on Aug 05, 2014

Thanks to the ROTARY CLUB of Arlington Heights sponsorship one of our Troop 34 High Adventure Contingents is exploring the National Parks in this southwest this week. Here is part of the crew in Bryce Canyon and another shot overlooking the Grand Canyon."  There is a good chance many of these young men would not be able to experience these parks at this level if it weren't for Troop 34!Image

Posted by Robert Paddock on Jul 24, 2014

For the Fine Master segment, there was yet another example of Rotarians stepping up when needed -- Jim Bertucci took the place of Ron Walter today, ably giving us an opportunity to share our Happiness:  Chris McClure for being a 1st-time grandparent! Linda Borton to reciprocate and pass the word about husband Edward's fundraising effort, the Woodfield Area Children’s Organization Wingfest (for their website, click here).  New member Bill Park was happy his membership opened an opportunity for him to speak about eye health at the Park Ridge Rotary.

Ron Crawford was happy for daughter Andrea's completing an Iron Man half marathon (with all Ron’s biking, there must be exercise in the genes !  For a breathless description of her event, see below).  Kris Niemann was happy about club members’ participation in the Sr. Center Golf outing. and Sue Duchek was happy two-fold…for Kris’ great job with the Center and for Sue's own upcoming vacation time in Wisconsin.  Mark Tauber was happy for his foursome coming in 2nd and for his Rotarian golf mates Bob Arnold, Bob Heller and Jan BehrensMary Cay Chisholm was very happy for the group of club Rotarians becoming the featured sponsor in our sister club's Duffer fundraiser (which even made the news in Detroit!).  There was happiness, too, for Rick Koebernick’s impromptu “Rotary meeting" (sic?) Saturday night: Rotary Fellowship can happen at more than at Thursday meetings !

Jim went on to entertain us with (in the spirit of political correctness) a colorful and humorous quiz.  Thanks for stepping in, Jim !

Posted by Robert Paddock on Jul 24, 2014

President LInda Borton used a Powerpoint presentation to give a State of the Club speech as well as her leadership team's plan for the 2014-2015 Rotary Year.  ImageWe're in good shape financially, we're active in service locally and internationally, and we are a growing club!  The plan for next year dovetails with Gov. Ellen’s goals for the District.

ImageThe slide presentation was comprehensive (and undoubtedly more accurate than your Scribe's notes), so instead of summarizing it here, you may follow a link to the Photo Album on our home page by clicking here.


Posted by Robert Paddock on Jul 17, 2014


Northwest Special Recreation Association representatives Mary Mazzaroli and Nanette Sowa explained how contributed funds are used, talked about the newpartnership program Pursuit, and reminded us of the upcoming Duffer of the Year Golf Tourney recognizing our own Mary Cay Chisholm.  Good programs, good people, good fun!  To learn more, click "More" below...

Posted by Patrick McMahon on Jul 10, 2014


Posted by Robert Paddock on Jun 27, 2014

A new day and a new Rotary Year.  June 27 the 2014-2015 Board of Directors Installation Dinner was held at Rolling Green Country Club in Arlington Heights

"A new day and a new Rotary Year.On June 27 our 2014-2015 President, Linda Borton, was installed by Past District Governor Carlos FrÜm (photo to right), along with the other members of the board Board of Directors  The induction was part of the Installation Dinner held at Rolling Green Country Club in Arlington Heights. Highlights of the evening included especially meaningful speeches by Linda and and Past President Bill (see More below for Linda's complete text, and see additional story for Bill's).  Linda shared richly descriptive comments about her start in Rotary, how her Rotary experiences have changed her life through Rotary's sense of community and opportunity for service.

She went on to describer what she felt were "mission critical" goals for the year -- the club "remaining vibrant and attractive to new and younger members."  She asked newer members for participation and veteran members for "assistance, support and tolerance".

Our great thanks to 2013/14 Board Members for your service, and to the 2014/15 Board Members for your willingness to serve !

Our appreciation, also, to Rolling Green Country Club about their great venue, food and service.  Word has it, if you get a membership they'll also give good weather for your event or least on some days !  You can talk to them at (847) 253-0400 or


Posted by Robert Paddock on Jun 27, 2014

In his end-of-term speech...recalling his address from the start of his term...(Immediate Past) President Bill told of the reasons for joining, the reasons for continuing, and his perspective about a successful club and successful members.  He shared his experience benefiting from Rotary during a time of family difficulty.  He also spoke of the usefulness of asking and being asked to be involved, of the challenges of leadership, and of his appreciation of the club.

To read more about "chickens and pigs", "involvement and commitment", read Bill's moving, insightful speech by seeing "More" below.

Thanks, Bill, to you, your outgoing team, and your family, for a great year...and for being part of the Arlington Rotary family.

Posted by Dominic Gualtieri on Oct 08, 2012

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Clicking on the RCAH Facebook  here or in the left-hand column of our homepage, the last entry in the Club Links section.

Once  there, make sure you click on the "like" link on our Facebook page.  

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