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Oct 21, 2014
With Sebastian (Inbound Student) and Margaret Lichtenfels (Summer Exchange)
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Posted by James Moylan on Sep 19, 2014


                Sharon Mensing organized, coordinated and orchestrated the presentation by our Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, (“RYLA”) students: Perri Meeks, Zava Zupin, and Young RYLA students, Macayla Scheidt and Mim Worster. Thank you Sharon and thank you RYLA Students for your respective presentations. They were entertaining and informative. You made us proud!

                Our Greeters were Ange Catterson and Julie Taulman. Our guests and visiting Rotarians were also introduced by Julie. Thank you both!

                Jenny Wall gave us our “Thought for the Day.” Thank you Jenny for telling us about your favorite book: “The Alchemist,” and how it impacted your life.

                Ellen Kendall handled “Good News” for us. One notable aspect of Good News was Cheryl Krumrie sharing her secrets for winning two Raffle prizes, (including the Grand Prize – “Be in Sanibel.”) As Cheryl was relating her good fortune; I could not help but think of that classic 1969 Rolling Stone song off their “Let it Bleed” album: “You can’t always get what you want.”

                “You can’t always get what you want (3X)...” (“Be Gourmet”)

                “But if you try sometimes, well you just might find…” (Putting two Raffle Tickets each in the “Yee Haw” and “Be in Sanibel” buckets.)

                “You get what you need…” (Cowboy boots from FM Light and more in the Yee- Haw package and a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida in the “Be in Sanibel” package.)

                Our next meeting is at the Butcherknife Brewing Company on Tuesday, September 14, 2014 at 4:00 pm.


                A BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANK YOU TO KATHY ELLIOTT AND GILLIAN MORRIS for organizing our flower barrel pick-up and the bar-b-que, catered by The Smokehouse – under new management. Thank you to fellow Rotarian, Mark Fitzgerald for supplying festive adult beverages from Butcherknife Brewery. We also took advantage of “left-overs” scavenged from the Barn Dance provider Central Park Liquor.

                Thank you also to all those Rotarians, Family members and friends who made light work of picking up the flower barrels before the snow flies. I am always amazed, (and I should not be) how well efficiently and quickly that project is completed!

Lift Up - $45.00

Good News - $250.00

Attendance – 61%

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Moylan,

Club President







Posted by Steve Sehnert on Sep 13, 2014


Click on photo to see more pictures from the 2014 Barn Dance

Posted by Tara Weaver


Posted by James Moylan on Sep 10, 2014



We had a Club Program today to re-energize and re-organize all out Club Committees. A big “Thank You” to Ellen Kendall and Tara Weaver for getting that Program organized and moving.

Thank you to our Greeters, Lynna Broyles and Sharon Mensing, who also introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians.

Cheryl Krumrie provided us inspiration from the athletic side of life with her: Thought for the Day.

We celebrated Rotary Club membership Anniversaries for: Geneva Taylor (26 years), John Holloway (22 years), Jane Denning Bedell (11 years), Winnie Delliquadri (10 years), and Nancy Spillane (11 years.)

We also celebrated three real September 9, 2014 birthdays today. Our Exchange Student, Sebastian “Sebo” Camargo, turned 17 today. Rachelle Summer’s son, Eric, turned 15 today. Last but not least, our own Past Club President and Past Assistant District Governor, Jane Denning Bedell, celebrated yet another birthday today!(See, below.) (I should talk!)

Almost last chance to buy Raffle Tickets for the Barn Dance before this Saturday eve., September 13, 2014, at Wandering Creek Ranch and be able to charge them to your account. We cannot accept charges for the Raffle Tickets at the event, as we were reminded by Kathie Sack and Carol Parish. Carol also thanked all our Sponsors.

Gillian Morris reminded us that we have Flower Barrel pick-up at 5:00 pm, at the Rodeo Grounds circa 5:00 pm on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. We have 9 trailers and could use several more. Please touch base with Gillian or Kathy Elliottt if you can provide a trailer.

Please also note that we do have a Noon meeting next Tuesday as well. Our Program is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, (“RYLA.”) Sharon Mensing will be hosting the RYLA Program.

Finally, for a busy Tuesday, The Smokehouse will treat us to its customary post-Flower Barrel pick-up Bar-B-Que at Howelsen Hill. The Smokehouse on Lincoln Ave., is the bad weather back-up. Thank you to Gillian and Kathy Elliott for stepping up and taking over the Chairs of Flower Barrels from Debbie Aragon and Karl Bunker, who left: “big shoes to fill.” Kathy and Gillian didn’t miss a beat.

Please everyone and families join us for the Bar-B-Que regardless of whether you were a “Flower-Barrel Picker-Upper.” It is a Club Party.

Geneva Taylor reminded us that our Election Forum will be held on September 30, 2014 and October 7, 2014 at our Noon meeting.

Gillian also announced the: “Four Way Test” Essay Scholarship competition sponsored by  Rotary Districts 5440, 5450 and 5470, and the Better Business Bureau. Mike Forney spoke to the significance of the $5,000.00 scholarship as well. We may have a coalition assembled by Gillian encompassing our Club’s: Four Way Test, Scholarship and Student of the Month Committees , as well as our Interact Club, at the Steamboat Springs High School. It would be great if “one of our own” students could win that $5,000.00 scholarship!

On, Tuesday, September 23, 2014, conveniently commencing at 4:00 p.m., our meeting will be held at the Butcherknife Brewing Company.  We will hold a short business meeting and the Program will be a tour of the Brewery. There will be an opportunity to sample the “festive adult beverages” brewed by our hosts. In addition, Soda Creek Pizza will be making a delivery to the Butcherknife Brewery! Thank you to Mark Fitzgerald for hosting our September 23, 2014 meeting at the Butcherknife Brewing Company, and to Steve Hitchcock, as we ease into “Happy Hour”!

Next meeting, Tuesday, September 16, 2014, Noon, at The Grand.

Good News: $ 317.00 (Thank you Jane!)

Attendance – 76%

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Moylan

Club President


Posted by David Wittlinger on Sep 02, 2014

If you missed Tuesday’s meeting – you missed a very fun meeting!

Hands-down consensus winner of the: “Name That Rotarian” Program was: Scott (“Bouffant”) Marr.

 Thank you to: Rod Hanna, Kris Hammond and Scott Marr for coming up with this Program idea and executing it so cleverly and entertainingly. Truly a Club Fellowship event!

Thank you to our Greeters, Marci Valicenti and John Holloway, and to John, again, for introducing our guests and visiting Rotarians.

Jim “handled” Thought for the Day.

We celebrated Club Member September birthdays for: Robert Ralston, Jane Denning Bedell, Dan Shields, Matt Lieven, Lynna Broyles, Bob Scott, Brad Meeks, Karl Bunker and our Exchange Student, Sebastian (“Sebo”) Camargo.

Kathie Sack and Gillian Morris reminded us that “The Barn Dance” is on the near horizon, Saturday, September 13, 2014. Dinner tickets were distributed and Karl Gills gave us a quick tutorial on the Raffle Rules.

Jenny Wall announced that this was the last chance for Pavilion apparel.

Flower barrel pick-up is also just around the corner, Tuesday, September 16, 2014, at circa 5:00 pm at the Rodeo Grounds. Kathy and Gillian asked for sign-ups from Members with trailers and got many volunteers, thank you. Plans for the Post-Flower Barrel pick-up party will be announced soon.

Good News: $300.00
Attendance: 75%

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Moylan,
Club President

Posted by James Moylan on Aug 29, 2014



Our upcoming Barn Dance took precedence in our meeting on Tuesday as rightly it should have with the Barn Dance just around the corner on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Wandering Creek Ranch. Thank you to Carol Parish, Steve Sehnert and the remainder of the Barn Dance Committee Members for an entertaining and informative presentation on what the Barn Dance will look like as one of our chief fund-raisers, as we partner again with the Boys & Girls Club of Steamboat Springs. It was especially gratifying to hear that the Barn Dance Committee had already reached its fund-raising goal for the event! Kudos to the Barn Dance Committee and a big: “Thank you” to all our sponsors and donors, many of whom are also Rotarians. The Barn Dance Committee will continue to sell Raffle Tickets and Dinner Tickets for the event at next week’s meeting and via e-mail reservation.


Ron Thom handled our monthly Lift –Up Collection, which netted $66.40. Thank you, Ron.


Thank you to Winnie DelliQuadri for filling in as Secretary in Jackie’s absence. Much appreciated, Winnie.


Thank you to our Greeter, Dave Garner, who also introduced all our guests and visiting Rotarians.


Thank you to Gareth Mensing for our Thought for the Day.


Congratulations again to our Rotarian of the Month, (for August, 2014)Michael Roberts. Michael was recognized for his unfailing dedication and tireless effort on the Rotary Peace Pavilion. Thank you, Michael.


Immediate past President, Scott Marr handled Good News for us and we netted: $91.00 for our Scholarship Program.


 Rotary Peace Pavilion apparel is still available. Contact Jenny Wall.


Kathy Elliott reminded us about Flower Barrel pick-up at 5:00 – 5:15 pm on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.


Eric Rabesa worked on finalizing our new Membership Directory. Thank you for that effort Eric.


Julie Taulman reminded us if you signed up for a Sailor Card from our Exchange Student, Sebo, please get your $20.00 to him so he can turn it in to the High School.


Finally, last but not least, thank you to The Grand Staff for feting us Rotarians to an out-door grilled lunch for Staff Appreciation Day. It was a great change of pace and a lot of fun. Much appreciated  to The Grand Staff for all you do for us.


Our next meeting is at The Grand on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at Noon – Club Day – “Name that Rotarian.” It will be fun!


Respectfully submitted,


Jim Moylan, Club President

Posted by Scott Marr on Aug 21, 2014


We had a great Program Tuesday introduced by Suzie Hawkins and presented by Dr. Ian Frazer accompanied by his wife, Caroline, second home-owners in Steamboat Springs from Brisbane, Australia. Dr. Frazer, 2006 - Australian of the Year – presented a fascinating Program on his deep personal involvement with the development of the vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer, and the success it has enjoyed world-wide. Thank you Ian and Caroline!

Thank you to our Greeter, Jim Steinberg and for his introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians.

Thank you to Bobby Davis, for the Thought for the Day, (Lou Gehrig’s “Farewell Speech” at Yankee Stadium.)

We recognized our August Rotary Anniversaries, John Kuhn (1 year), Dan Hagney (7 years) and Lynaia South (8 years.)

We recognized Kristal Eckley for all her tireless efforts on the Ski Town Classic with the Rotarian of the Month award. Congratulations and thank you Kristal!

Paul Hebert announced that the Rotary Foundation approved our Grant for the Kirkau Primary School WASH Model School Project. Now that the Project will be moving forward, Paul will be looking for help.

It was announced that our Past Club President and Past District Governor, Mike Forney, has been appointed by Rotary International to a 3 year term as Rotary Public Image Coordinator. Kudos to you, Mike!

Kathy Elliott reminded us about Flower Barrel Pick-up, Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

Carol Parish announced that our Program next week will be the Barn Dance, as we are feted by the Steamboat Grand staff with a Bar-B-Que lunch on the porch. Save the date post-cards were on our tables for the Barn Dance, Saturday, September 13, 2014 –Wandering Creek Ranch.

Jenny Wall had and will have Rotary Peace Pavilion apparel samples and order forms at next week’s meeting, as well.

We recognized and thanked our “stainers” for the Peace Pavilion, as Paul Hebert announced the roof is all stained completing the staining project!

Ellen Kendall had us recognize all those who helped out with the 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Rotary Peace Pavilion at Rotary River Park. Thank you Ellen for organizing that wonderful celebration and thank you to all, especially Dave Garner, for your efforts in putting on such a successful event.

We are welcoming Sebastian, “Sebo” on Saturday evening at the Taulman’s place near Milner. Please contact Lynaia if you plan to attend and bring a dish. Please contact Julie Taulman for directions, (it is a bit complicated.)

Sign-up sheets for Greeters and Thought for the Day were circulated. In the meantime, we will be transitioning to “Volunteer Spot” on Clubrunner as we go forward.

Thank you to Brian Harvey for his always capable job of doing Good News for us. We netted $304.00 for our scholarship fund. Thank you generous Rotarians.

Attendance: 74%

Next Meeting, Tuesday August 26, 2014, Noon, at The Grand – Staff Appreciation, Bar-B-Que on the veranda.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Moylan, Club President


Posted by Steve Sehnert on Aug 12, 2014


Posted by Steve Sehnert on Aug 05, 2014

Timbers are going up and the Peace Pavilion is taking shape . . .


Posted by David Wittlinger on Jul 31, 2014

The concrete perimeter slab got poured this week for the Peace Pavilion at Rotary River Park.  Timber erection will begin next week and things are progressing smoothly to complete this project by the August 12th dedication.  Special thanks to Matt Tredway of Steamboat Concrete Works for his entire crew that are our local rockstars of the paving world.


Posted by Steve Sehnert on Jul 17, 2014

July 17, 2014 at Rotary Park

For more pictures of the Groundbreaking for the Peace Pavilion

click on the picture below:



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