Apr 29, 2015
"Habilitation Program for Adults with Capabilities "

What Is Aspiring Hands All About?

Aspiring Hands, Inc. was established in 2008 by Bryon Schaefer as a way to help adults with capabilities in Toledo, Ohio through community enrichment and involvement. Aspiring Hands, Inc. is 100% community based and our company's mission is to:

• Be able to help adults with capabilities find their role within the community.
• Enrich the lives of the community as a whole through our programs; "people helping people."
• Help our clients live meaningful lives.

The basic structure of our program is to enrich the lives of our volunteers and those in the community through our volunteer program. In our volunteer program, adults with capabilities go out into the community and assist non-profit organizations with work and tasks. Just a few of the non-profits that our volunteers work at include the Humane Society, Metro Parks and local food banks.

Since our program is 100% community based, everyone involved benefits. Our volunteers get to be active in the community by assisting non-profit organizations in the Toledo, Ohio area. Through this act, our volunteers are able to participate in the community and acquire new work skills, while also developing beneficial social skills that they can utilize in their daily activities. At the same time, our non-profit organizations receive the help and assistance that they are in need of. It's a win-win structure for everyone involved.

Through our day programs, vocational habilitation, recreational outings and personal home maker services, our goal is to grow friendships within the community while providing our volunteers with a positive environment for them to learn and socialize in. For more information on our programs, our mission or for any additional information on our services in Toledo, Ohio, contact us today.

May 06, 2015
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May 13, 2015

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