Jul 30, 2014
"Get Out of Your Own Way! "

What's holding you back from being happy more often? Kate Heartsong will share simple tools to help you reclaim and build your self-confidence and project a more positive image that others will notice.


Aug 06, 2014
"The Laughing Leader: Leading from Within"

A motivational message that will make a difference! Greg Giesen is an accomplished speaker and presenter. As a keynoter, Greg brings his humor, his passion, his stories, and most importantly, his experience into his presentation.

Leading From Within: Three Keys to Living a Life with Purpose and Passion

In order to be an effective leader in the workplace, we must first be an effective leader in our own lives... and that begins by truly knowing ourselves. Leading From Within is a highly inspirational presentation on becoming authentic leaders in all facets of our lives. Using powerful stories and humorous antidotes, Greg provides the necessary tools and insights into how to lead a purposeful and enriching life.

Greg Giesen is Founder and CEO of the Laughing Leader, a leadership development and coaching company out of Denver, Colorado. With over twenty-five years experience in corporate consulting, training, group facilitation and conflict mediation, Giesen brings his wide array of skills to the corporate and non-profit industries across the country. He is also a former 14-year graduate school professor at the University of Denver and is the author of three books on Creating Authenticity, including his latest, Mondays At 3: A Story for Managers Learning to Lead. In addition, Giesen facilitates the award-winning program, Leading From Within, an intensive personal empowerment workshop, and is the producer and co-host of the Laughing Leader Radio Hour show on Mile Hi Radio.

Aug 27, 2014
"Smokin' Brew BBQ"