Downtown Waterloo Rotary Club

2013 Athletic Awards

     Since 1936 the Waterloo Rotary Club has enjoyed the honor each year to celebrate outstanding performance by high school athletes in the city of Waterloo and surrounding areas. Football coaching staffs at each school in the city nominate a senior MVP from their team. In a secret ballot, area sportswriters make the citywide selection. The winner receives the Glen "Doc" Miller traveling trophy as top player in his sport. In a similar process, area volleyball coaches choose their MVP's and then, by ballot of all the coaches, award the trophy for overall Most Valuable volleyball player. The winners are entitled to display the trophy at his or her school for the next twelve months.

 Rotary Most Valuable Volleyball Player of 2013

Kate Letkewicz West High School

Presenting the award is Waterloo Rotary President Jeff Halverson

21st Annual Waterloo Rotary Club Volleyball Recognition Luncheon

Honored Guests

Dr. Gary Norris, Superintendent of Schools

Columbus High School - Dale Monroe, Chief Administrator, Tom Ulses, Principal, Aundra Meeks, Athletic Director

Don Bosco High School - Rick Blackwell, Principal, Tom Hogan, Athletic Director

East High School - Maria Padget, Principal, Al Pace, Athletic Director

Waterloo Christian School - Lisa Goedken, Principal,  Tyson Roberts & Dave Liverance, Co-Athletic Directors

West High School - Dr. Leslie Morris, Principal, Dr. Anthony Pappas, Athletic Director

Valley Lutheran High School - Glenn Rollins, Principal, Ehren Simmer, Athletic Director

Keynote Speaker
Amanda Goodman, KWWL TV News Anchor


Columbus High School MVP - Maggie McCarthy


Head Coach: Amy Kimball, Assistant Coaches: Dan Duggan, Bryan Duggan
Meredith Bailey, Maureen Duggan, Maggie McCarthy, Lindsay McManus, Maggie O'Connor, Riley O'Neill

Don Bosco High School MVP - Kaitlyn McGarvey


Head Coach: Abby Breitbach, Assistant Coaches: Kayla Kremer, Jenny Schares
Brandi Even, Kaitlyn McGarvey, Baylee Rhoads, Olivia Schmit

East High School MVP - Caitlin Fields


Head Coach: Roger Goldsberry, Assistant Coaches: Michael Tweedt, Jackie Riggins
Courtney Brady, Kalaziah Bruce, Caitlin Fields, Lexie Loftus, Audry Peterson, Alyssa Schmidt, Ary Umoren

Waterloo Christian School MVP - Anna Doering


Head Coach: Hannah Bro, Assistant Coach: Danielle Schoonhoven
Anna Doering, Aubrey Grant, April Hall, Vanessa Lorenz

West High School MVP - Kate Letkewicz

Head Coach: Brian Girsch, Assistant Coach: Mikayla Sims
Emilea Billick, Bre Bond, Alyssa Chamberlin, Lexi Damon, Rachel Flynn,
Madison Gardner, Jordan Gomez, Genny Hepworth, Rylea Kern, Kate Letkewicz,
Emily Meier, Katie Olson, Blaire Thomas, Courtney Weber

Valley Lutheran High School MVP - Sarah Wallace


Head Coach: Brittany Newton
Sarah Wallace

Special thanks to the Rotary Volleyball Committee:
Julie Hayes, Emcee John Bunge, Barb Prather, Soo Greiman and Kelli McCarthy.  
Thanks to Mason Fromm for photography and for webpage.
Special thanks to Rotarian Roger Oelsen who donates the MVP plaque.

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