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Monday, January 18, 2010
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Feb 9 2010
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Feb 18 2010


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Bulletin No. RCAP...669

  Wednesday January 13th, 2009

Our Club Website Address is

Welcome Back

Welcome back to our first newsletter for 2010.  I trust you all had a great break and enjoyed the Christmas and New Year Festivities.

Our first meeting for the year will be on this Wednesday 13th January at Lifesaving Victoria Head Quarters,  200 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne 6.00pm for 6.30 start.  Please be sure to inform Kerry Kornhauser in advance if you are attending as meal arrangement need to be made.

January Rotary Awareness Month

January marks the beginning of the second half of the Rotary year. It's a time to look back on what we've accomplished so far, to assess our progress, and to renew our determination to achieve our goals in the months remaining. It's a time to discuss and evaluate the goals of our clubs as well as the goals we've set for ourselves as Rotarians.

January is also Rotary Awareness Month, a time for us to consider how our Rotary values – and our own actions – influence public perceptions of Rotary. Our strategic plan outlines five core values that define and guide us as we chart a course into our second century of service.

Service is our first value, as it should be. Our focus on service is reflected in our primary motto, Service Above Self. Through our clubs and districts, we have the potential to create better, safer, and healthier communities, one project at a time.

Fellowship is the reason Rotary was founded over 100 years ago. The friendship, the camaraderie, and the wonderful sense of doing something good together is what keeps us all looking forward to our Rotary meetings week after week.

Diversity is an aspect of Rotary that becomes more important with every passing year with more than 200 countries and geographical areas already on the Rotary map. 

Integrity is fundamental to our organization's identity. Every Rotarian is a guardian of the reputation that generations of Rotarians have worked to build. When we maintain the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings, we strengthen the trust that allows us to serve more effectively.

But it will only happen if we show leadership, the fifth, and final, core value. Each of us must remember, with our every action, that we are Rotarians. When we are chosen to become Rotarians, and when we choose to accept that honor, we take it upon ourselves to become representatives of the entire organization.

When we are known as Rotarians, then everything we do reflects upon us all. By living by our core values and committing to Service Above Self, we build a stronger Rotary and a better world for all.

Rotary Charity Benefit - The World ship

Last Wednesday evening several members from The Rotary Club of Albert Park were fortunate enough to have the opportunity  to board The World ship which was currently visiting Melbourne and moored at Station Pier.  The World is a privately owned condo project on the water.  Members were invited by Rotarians Mr & Mrs Mark Bennett from a suburb of Dallas, Texas, USA to come aboard for a charity event be shown a tour,  meet fellow rotarians, enjoy drinks and nibbles and exchange banners.  After deducting the  costs for food and drinks the club made an approximate profit of $2,500.00. This money will go towards one of our local Rotary Charities.

The World - Towering 12 decks high, launched in 2002, 197-metre, 43,000 tonne unique vessel with 165 residences ranging from small-but-salubrious studios to more palatial two and three bedroom apartments with everything that opens, closes, shimmers and stuns between the front door and the ocean view. There are also 4 restaurants, cafes, bars, two swimming pools a golf simulator, full sized tennis court, running track, games, cigar and meeting rooms as well as a 200 seat theatre , gym and a fully equipped lavish spa.

    See the ship's web site at

Exchanging club banners, President RCAP Joan Robison and Addison Rotary Club member Mark Bennett, onlooking  David and Diane Boese.

Addison Midday Rotary website  District 5810 Addison Texas

Exchanging Club banners, On Looking Brian Beaumont,  John Garvey member Wichita Rotary Club Kansas and RCAP President Joan Robison


 Albert Park Rotarians aboard The World. 



More photo's are available from photo downloads on the web page.









Awards for Excellence

During December 2009 Rotarians from The Rotary Club of Albert Park  presented Nine (9) Awards of Excellence to students graduating from the following schools.

Middle Park Primary School, Albert Park Primary School, Port Melbourne Primary School.

These children were selected by their teachers to receive these awards together with funds  with a value of $400 each which is to assist with costs of going to State Secondary School.

Many thanks to Lorraine McIldowie, Loretta Michaelsen and Jim Prokhovnik for delivering these awards. This was a great honour for our club to support these awards and we wish the students every success at their  secondary education.


End of Year Celebration

On Wednesday 16th December 2009 Albert Park Rotarians enjoyed a Christmas Breakup Party held on Sandridge Life Saving Beach.

Although conditions were very hot and windy, we were able to set up in the shade, talk, share, drink, eat and enjoy ourselves.

Rotarian Rossie Annois displaying her new hair style.

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Rotarians, John Green, Henry Michaelsen and Rob McIldowie having time form some Christmas cheer.

Rotary GSE Welcome Dinner - Tuesday 9th February

The Rotary Club of Brighton Beach

is holding a dinner to officially welcome

The Group Study Exchange Team
Rotary District 2203 Spain to Rotary District 9800

                                                Click Here for Detail




VIP Guest Speaker: Professor David de Gretser, AC, Governor of Victoria.

Topic: "Mens Health Issues"
"Men's Health Issues"



2 x fold up chairs,  1 x blue  1 x green, left at Sandridge Beach on Christmas Breakup evening.  Please contact either Henry or Loretta Michaelsen or  phone 9681 7382 should you be looking for your chairs.
Door Roster


Please be sure to notify Editor Loretta Michaelsen should you change your allocated time so it can be updated in the bulletin.

January 2010
Terry Moroney, Kate Staniforth, Stan Teschke, Vicki Teschke 

February 2010
Richard Goss, Ian Henry, Rob McIldowie, Lorraine McIldowie

March 2010
Liz De Nittis, Kerry Kornhauser, Chris Lovett, Del Lovett

Please contact Paul Sullivan if you have any queries about the Door Roster 0412 818 144  email

Community Meals

Rotary Club of Albert Park Community Meals

Want community Meals Instructions. Please login, go to My ClubRunner Box, Click on View Club Documents, then click on Community Meals Instructions. 


If you have any issues or changes please contact Paul Flakus by Tuesday each week if you  are unavailable OR that they have made alternative changes on 0417 567 747  Phone: 03 9589 1722    Fax: 03 9589 2799 or

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Thats All For This WeeK
by Loretta Michaelsen

Australia Day Holiday coming up soon.  Start planning your celebration now.