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Sunday, April 11, 2010
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Future Speakers
Apr 14 2010
Speaker from Cancer Council
"Cancer "
Apr 21 2010
Nina Vallins
"Project Respect"
May 5 2010
Roland Perry
May 26 2010
Adam Smith
"Foundation for Young Australians"
Jun 2 2010
Ray Campbell
"The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard"
Jun 23 2010
Nick Bailey
"Australian National Academy of Music"

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Bulletin No. RCAP...679

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Our Club Website Address is

RCAP Book Store Grand Opening



Saturday 10th APRIL,2010     10am to 2pm





Parish of St's Peter & Paul
(The Galilee School Building

Crn Dorcas & Montague Streets

South Melbourne



Presented by: The Rotary Club of Albert Park

Enquiries: Henry on 9681 7382

Click HERE to download flyer

To all members:
As you are already aware, the Club has been given the opportunity to use The (old) GalileeSchool building at the Parish of Sts Peter & Paul, Cnr Dorcas & Montague Streets, South Melbourne, for our second hand books.


Members of the book committee have been working tirelessly to set up the room with our books and have decided to trial opening the book store each Saturday from 10am - 2pm. Two people will be required each week and over the next couple of weeks, a roster will be organised, similar to Community Meals. No prior knowledge of the books is necessary, ALL books will be priced and you will just be required to take money for the sales and help people where needed.


To launch the book store, a Grand Opening is being held on Saturday 10th April between 10am - 2pm, and your help is required to promote this as much as you can.


Please find ABOVE CLICK TO copy  flyer for the Book Store Grand Opening, it would be terrific if you could run off some copies and distribute around your local area, post in shop windows, places of work etc.
If you aren't able to print off copies or need A3 size, please contact Deb Renshaw-Jones and she can print them and bring to Rotary next week!




Donation to the Cancer Council

At last weeks meeting  Wednesday March 31, The Rotary Club of Albert Park  presented a cheque for -


This cheque was presented to Michael Mitchell and Lucy Hobson (representative of The Cancer Council).  Michael  spent 12 months  walking 6000km from the tip of Cape York to  Wilsons Promontory to raise funds for cancer. The Rotary Club of Albert Park have great pleasure in honouring Michael's course and rewarding him for his efforts with a cheque for the above sum being made out to the Cancer Council. 

Click the following link to view Michael's story   

Pictured above Lucy Hobson (left) from the Cancer Council Victoria, Michael Mitchell, and President Joan Robison (right).

This Weeks Speaker Alan Lachman

Insight Education Centre for the Blind & Vision Impaired   

Alan Lachman and Maria Franca took action when told their daughter Francesca's school was set to close.

Alan Lachman and Maria Franca took action when told their daughter Francesca's school was set to close.

This is a story about life. The life of children who are blind or vision impaired.  It is also the story of how we have established Insight to ensure these children reach their potential and lead fulfilled lives. 

Insight's mission is to educate, support and empower blind and vision impaired Victorian children and young people so that they may reach their potential, independence and self-worth. 

In December 2009, the RVIB (Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind), owned by Vision Australia closed.  With this closure, over 1,000 Victorian children and young people who are blind or live with severe vision impairment no longer have direct or adequate access to or the support of specialist school and life-management programs.

Currently, all blind and vision-impaired children have been integrated into the mainstream education system. This integration, whilst important for a child's sense of belonging into society provides the challenge in that mainstream schools are not well equipped or resourced to meet the unique holistic needs of students living with blindness.

A mainstream school not only needs to cope with the integration of these children, but also the integration of other children with unique needs as the trend towards the mainstreaming (inclusion) of students with any disability into regular classes becomes more widespread.

Blind children struggle to gain self-confidence, skills and self-esteem.  Within the mainstream education sector, these children can struggle to learn vital skills such as mobility and adaptive technology.  Additionally, many will struggle with the building blocks of education - numeracy and literacy due to their unique learning needs, such as Braille.  As such, over 69% of these children will be unemployed as adults. 

Insight was established in 2009 in response to the closure of RVIB, so that we can meet the special education requirements for young people - both in core curriculum education and expanded core curriculum, so that the blind children of Victoria  can reach their potential, independence and self-worth. 

Last Weeks Speaker Neil Meyer

Last week we had Neil Meyer Executive Director Teen Challenge Victoria speak at our  meeting. Neil  talked about his life as a younng man and how be became involved with Teen Challenge Victoria. Neil has been providing help for people caught up in drug and alcohol abuse, and other life-controlling problems for 30 years.  Neil spoke on the involvement with   residential treatment and training programs for young men with life-controlling issues and addictions at a Training Centre on a 60 acre rural property in Kyabram Victoria. 

Neil was most interesting and informative and we would like to thank him very much for his presentation.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life   -  1st and 2nd of May.

We are looking for club participation this year and are keen to enter a Team.  Registration is only $15.00 to each member wishing to participate. This is to be paid within the next 2 weeks. Liz De Nittis has registration forms and can offer tax receipts are per usual.  (Members are then asked to wear their club t-shirt and they will receive a souvenior long sleeve shirt to keep from CCV).

Should you have any queries please contact Liz on  0407321200

Vocational Awards

  Above Tessa McGuigan Director of Vocational Services awarding Ken Wilson with a Vocational Award acknowledging great work done in our community. Ken is on the soup van for St Vincent's de Paul and he has been doing that for the past 26 years.

The Society's four soup van services are based in Collingwood, Fitzroy, Footscray and Moe. Staffed by volunteers, the vans travel the streets of metropolitan Melbourne and Moe bringing food and friendship to thousands of people living in boarding houses, low-rise/high-rise flats, refuges and on the streets. 

Above Michael Perry President Elect Awarding and congratulating Derran Garner from Ralph's meats with a Vocational Award  acknowledging great work done in our community suppling all the meat for barbeques ran by the Rotary Club of Albert Park.

122- 126 Gladstone St, South Melbourne VIC 3205  -  get directions
ph: (03) 9686 2366  

April is Rotary Magazine Month

President Rotary International,    John Kenny,     April 2010

My fellow Rotarians,

RI President John Kenny

At any given time, every one of Rotary's 33,000-plus clubs is carrying out some form of vital service in its local community and often internationally as well. Under Rotary's structure, each club works autonomously within a broader network that supports and inspires our efforts. An important piece of that network is the Rotary World Magazine Press, made up of The Rotarian and 31 regional magazines in 25 languages. 



Keeping Rotarians informed

 In honor of Magazine Month, check out the latest issue of The Rotarian online.

The Rotarian
Rotary and Google have put nearly 100 years of The Rotarian online.
View past issues .
Door Roster


Please be sure to notify Editor Loretta Michaelsen should you change your allocated time so it can be updated in the bulletin.

April 2010
Brian Beaumont, Yvonne Flanders, Helen Harris, Andrew Lilley, Greig McEwan

May 2010
Ken Hall, Tessa McGuigan, Ray Pape, Jeremy Paton

If you are unable to fulfil your door duty, please speak to another member and organise a replacement for yourself.


For all other queries about the door roster please contact Paul Sullivan 0412 818144  email

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Rotary Club of Albert Park Community Meals

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by Loretta Michaelsen

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