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Sunday, April 18, 2010
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Future Speakers
Apr 21 2010
Nina Vallins
"Project Respect"
May 5 2010
Roland Perry
May 26 2010
Adam Smith
"Foundation for Young Australians"
Jun 2 2010
Ray Campbell
"The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard"
Jun 23 2010
Nick Bailey
"Australian National Academy of Music"

Upcoming Events
Apr 17 2010 - Jul 3 2010
Relay for Life
May 1 2010 - May 2 2010
Luv A Duck
May 14 2010
Luv A Duck
May 15 2010
District Assembly
May 16 2010 - May 16 2010
RCAP Change Over
Jul 4 2010


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Bulletin No. RCAP...680

Wednesday April 14, 2010

Our Club Website Address is

Royce Abbey Award

Last week President Joan Robison arranged the Presentation of the Royce Abbey Award to Rotarian Loretta Michaelsen.

3 members of Rotary Club of Essendon (on behalf of Royce Abbey Award) - Royce Abbey AO.DCM.   Roger Leask    Jorgen Bobenko were present.


Mr Royce Abbey after speaking on how pleased he was to present this award presented Loretta with a Royce Abbey Award  badge and certificate.


This is only the second time our club has made this award. Loretta was taken by surprise and her children were present to see mum receive her badge and certificate.

President Joan said that Loretta's excellent work in organising the RYPEN weekend and being editor of the Best Newsletter and Web Page were indicative of Loretta's enthusiasm and work ethic within the club.

Loretta thanked everyone and said she could not have done RYPEN without the help of many club members.    Congratulations to Loretta.

The purpose of the Royce Abbey Awards is to encourage members who are relatively new to Rotary, to further develop and  benefit from using the talents they have demonstrated, in furthering the object of Rotary at Club, District and International level.

The Rotarian would be recognised in his or her early days of membership, as a willing participant in club activities.

Click the following site to view detail  about Royce Abbey Award


Pictured above Mr Royce Abbey and Albert Park Rotarian Loretta Michaelsen

Relay for Life

Relay for Life   -  1st and 2nd of May.

We are looking for club participation this year and are keen to enter a Team.  Registration is only $15.00 to each member wishing to participate. This is to be paid within the next 2 weeks. Liz De Nittis has registration forms and can offer tax receipts are per usual.  (Members are then asked to wear their club t-shirt and they will receive a souvenior long sleeve shirt to keep from CCV).

Should you have any queries please contact Liz on  0407321200

This Weeks Speaker

The Cancer Council Victoria - Leading The Fight

"Natalie Livsey", from the Cancer Council Vic will be our Guest Speaker this Wednesday.

Natalie is our RFL Relay for Life Coordinator too.  She will be speaking on all aspects of Cancer and will definitely touch on Bowel and Prostrate to our group.

Open Doors for Book Club

On Saturday 10th April, 2010 our Book Club opened its doors to its new home at the Galilee School building at the Parish of Sts Peter & Paul, Cnr Dorcas & Montague Streets, South Melbourne. 

Members  welcomed the public in to purchase second hand books from our new Book Shop.  The shelves were well stocked and sales were brisk from a steady stream of people all morning.  RCAP members were on hand keeping the shelves full and helping people with their various requests and questions.

It is the intention of our club to open the shop every Saturday for a 3 month period 10am to 2pm as a trial and monitor its growth and popularity with the public.  If you are available to help please give your name to Jenny Grebler or Greig McEwan to put you on the roster.   Well done to all concerned.

For any persons reading this newsletter and wishing to donate books please contact
Henry Michaelsen on 9681 7382 or 0400 435 234 or email pickup can be arranged.

Last Weeks Speaker Alan Lachman

Insight Education Centre for the Blind & Vision Impaired   

Alan Lachman and Maria Franca took action when told their daughter Francesca's school was set to close.

Last week we had the pleasure of Alan Lachman father of daughter Francesca (who is blind) give a presentation at our meeting. Alan spoke about  Insight's that ensure these children (blind or inpared) reach their potential and lead fulfilled lived. He spoke on Insight's mission to educate, support and empower blind and vision impaired Victorian children and young people so they they may reach their potential, indepencence and self-worth.

We would like to thank Alan very much for his time and presentation which was more information and interesting.

The INSIGHT logo described in words by its designer, Jonathan Hannon:         Using a classic, open and clean type face the letters are easy to read. The middle letter of INSIGHT however is different. In place of the letter i is a vertical eye with a circle hovering above it. The design suggests a human head and torso, perhaps a pupil of INSIGHT, as well as an eye and an offset pupil. 

Please click on the following to find out more out Insight's


The Rotary Club of Albert Park 

Have Organized a Tantalizing Cooking Demonstration on how to cook duck and how to gobble it down!!!

Demonstration Classes
Friday May 14,  6pm

Saturday May 15, 2pm

228 Ingles St Port Melbourne  3207
$48.00 per person

Max 20 persons per class

We also are trying to have a wine expert come along will advise the cost it it eventuates

Please click HERE to download flyer  

Recipe Ideas for Sunday night...Duck recipe

 Peking Roast Duck Breast Egg RollsMore great recipe ideas.
Roast Duck Shanks with Rice Noodles
Duck with Bean and Tomato salad
Peking Roast Duck Breast with Green Vegetables and Oyster Sauce           More great recipe ideas…




Week after week our sargents work tirelessely to obtain information so they can raise money for the club with fines to members.

Brain Beaumont, Rob McIldowie and Del Lovett RCAP members who do the most fantastic job, quick thinking, not letting little stories go un noticed  have been running the fine sessions at recent meetings.

Last week Sargent Del Lovett raised


but was not aware that someone must have visited the States recently because we also raised 3 pennies 4 Dimes and a nickel. Well done Del.


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Internet-based Fundraiser

Raising Funds Around the Globe

Rotary Club of Las Vegas West   Why is this club so fabulous all of a sudden? Well, it isn't that recent. We've always been fabulous. But we're pumping up the volume these days because of our club's new fundraising effort.

We call the fundraiser It's Vegas, Baby. It's a global Internet-based effort to raise money for our charitable works for underprivileged youth with a raffle to win a four-day, all expenses-paid vacation in our exciting home town.

Some lucky couple in Paris or Peru;Kazakhstan or Katmandu; Sydney or Salt Lake City will win a vacation to a town filled with the world's grandest hotels; glittering global stars; exquisite restaurants with the most palate-tempting menus; and round-the-clock gaming excitement, all bathed in the brilliant sunshine of a desert oasis. That's our home town. That's Vegas, baby.

But there's another side of Las Vegas. It's the world of the underprivileged and disadvantaged children that our club has been committed to help  for the last 15 years.

Every penny we earn from this fund-raising effort will be spent to support the club's work in the other Las Vegas

Click here to learn more about IT'S VEGAS BABY   and to stake your claim

Door Roster


Please be sure to notify Editor Loretta Michaelsen should you change your allocated time so it can be updated in the bulletin.

April 2010
Brian Beaumont, Yvonne Flanders, Helen Harris, Andrew Lilley, Greig McEwan

May 2010
Ken Hall, Tessa McGuigan, Ray Pape, Jeremy Paton

If you are unable to fulfil your door duty, please speak to another member and organise a replacement for yourself.


For all other queries about the door roster please contact Paul Sullivan 0412 818144  email

April is Rotary Magazine Month

At any given time, every one of Rotary's 33,000-plus clubs is carrying out some form of vital service in its local community and often internationally as well. Under Rotary's structure, each club works autonomously within a broader network that supports and inspires our efforts. An important piece of that network is the Rotary World Magazine Press, made up of The Rotarian and 31 regional magazines in 25 languages. 


Keeping Rotarians informed

 In honor of Magazine Month, check out the latest issue of The Rotarian online.

The Rotarian
Rotary and Google have put nearly 100 years of The Rotarian online.
View past issues .
RC of Brighton North's Aunual Dinner Auction

RC of Brighton North's Annual Dinner Auction
in support of Motor Neurone Disease

Friday May 14, 2010

Please click
HERE to download Flyer.

Community Meals

Rotary Club of Albert Park Community Meals

Want community Meals Instructions. Please login, go to My ClubRunner Box, Click on View Club Documents, then click on Community Meals Instructions. 


If you have any issues or changes please contact Paul Flakus by Tuesday each week if you  are unavailable OR that they have made alternative changes on 0417 567 747  Phone: 03 9589 1722    Fax: 03 9589 2799 or

Community Meals            March - June 2010

27th March Stephen Bond Loryn Clark Paul Flakus
3rd April Paul Flakus Ian Henry Rose Annois
10th April Paul Flakus Loretta Michaelsen Sue Foster
17th April Henry Michaelsen Paul Flakus Michael Walstab
24th April Paul Flakus Liz De Nittis Jim Prokhovnik
1st May Rosie Annois Paul Flakus Kate Staniforth
8th May Paul Flakus Ivo Georgiev David Gorman
15th May Chris Lovett Del Lovett Paul Flakus
22nd May Paul Flakus Kerry Kornhauser   
29th May Paul Flakus Tess McGuigan  Michael Walstab
5th June  Paul Flakus Ian Wavish Ken hall
12th June Paul Flakus Robert Redpath Stephen Bond 
19th June Phil Schols David Gorman Paul Flakus
26th June Lorraine McIIdowie Rob McIldowie Paul Flakus
Club Presidents

03-11-92 Club / Chartered

03-11-92/94 Jim Corsie

1993-94 Doug Wade


1994-95 Gad Kolsky

1995-96 Rob Denton

1996-97 Ann White


1997-98 Loryn Clark

1998-99 David Gorman

1999-00 Vicki Teschke


2000-01 Mark Mills

2001-02 Gerry Phillips

2002-03 Clifton Warren


2003-04 Yolanda Pettinato

2004-05 Jessie Bainbridge

2005-06 Jim Prokhovnik


2006-07 Jenny Hunter

2007-08 Ken Hall

2008-09 Ian Henry


2009/2010 Joan Robison


Past Bulletins

Bulletin Mar 3, 2010 Click HERE         Bulletin Mar 10, 2010 Click HERE
Bulletin Mar 17, 2010 Click HERE        Bulletin Mar 24, 2010 Click HERE
Bulletin Mar 31, 2010 Click HERE        Bulletin Apr 7, 2010 Click HERE

Thats All For This Week

That's all for this week. Before I finish thou -

I would just like to thank the 9 attendees from (New Club)  Rotary Club of Melbourne Park. who visited our club meeting last week and wish them all the best with their new club.

It was great to see so many young and enthusiastic persons taking on the role of Rotarians.

Click the following to see their seb site