Website Advertising Guide

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring this website!

How It Works

The website you were viewing can display banner ads across all pages. The distribution is even across all pages, including the home page and e-bulletin.

To place an ad, please contact the webmaster of the site. Rates are varied and are set by the individual club or district.

Since ads are displayed on the right hand panel, there are size limitations, as follows:

Width: Maximum of 100 pixels

Height: Varied. Prices are set according to the height of your ad, or on a quotation basis. 

Format of ads can be either graphic images or text.

You can provide a website address which your ad will hyperlink to.  This can be your homepage or any existing page within your site.  You can also choose to instead provide your email address.

Submit An Ad

To inquire further about submitting an ad, and for pricing information, please contact the webmaster or president of the organization whose site you are presently on. If you cannot find a way to contact someone, send an email to:

Please specify the name of the club or district and the address of the website you wish to advertise on. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

(Note to Webmasters: Replace this page with your own customized information by clicking on Website Sponsorship Guide from your Admin page.)

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