Rotary Club of Akron (#3519)

Meeting Information:
We meet every Tuesday at Noon. Please arrive by 11:45 am to check in and get your lunch.
Portage Country Club
240 North Portage Path
Akron OH 44303
United States of America

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Area Governor: Julie Brandle

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Name Please login to view contact info
Email Pat O'Neill

Club Executives
Title Name Please login to view contact info
President Elect Email Robert McGregor
Secretary Email Terrence Dalton
Treasurer Email Michael Gladysz
Membership Email Tom Knauer
Website and Administration Chair Email Cheryl Warren

Club Directors
Title Name Please login to view contact info
Vice President Email Steve Buie
Past President & Nominating Committee Chair Email John Margida
Director 7/2017-6/2020 Email Blake Babcock
Director 7/2017-6/2020 Email Brian Chima
Director 7/2017-6/2020 Email June Ring
Director 7/2017-6/2020 Email Wanda Whipkey
Director 7/2018-6/2021 Email Steve Buie
Director 7/2018-6/2021 Email Lynda Farkas
Director 7/2019-6/2021 Email Connor Jarvis
Director 7/2018-6/2021 Email Dave Miller
Director 7/2019-6/2022 Email Karen Hrdlicka
Director 7/2019-6/2022 Email Tom Knauer
Director 7/2019-6/2022 Email Nichole Major
Director 7/2019-6/2022 Email Kevin Smith
Attendance Chair Email Brian Kosarko
Akron Rotary Cares Chair Email Sandy Naragon
Akron Rotary Cares Vice Chair Virginia Wojno
Community Service Projects Chair Email Ben Heckerman
Rotary International Foundation Co-Chair Email Bill Manby
Rotary International Foundation Co-Chair Email Lynda Farkas
Historian Co-Chair Email John Daily
Historian Co-Chair Email Jack Harig
Interact Chair Email Steve Buie
Grants Chair Email Mark Seward
Grants Vice Chair Email Claudine Schooley
Program Chair Email John Margida
Public Relations Chair Email Colleen Iacianci
Rotaract Co-Chair Email Dave Miller
Rotaract Co-Chair Email Douglas Hausknecht
Scholarship Chair Email Terrence Dalton
Sergeant-at-Arms Email David Hall
Social Chair Email Katy Miller
Membership Chair Email Tom Knauer
New Member Mentorship Chair Email George Rooney
Camp President 1/2019-12/2020 Email Pamela Kiltau
Camp Past President (2017-2018) Email Timothy DelMedico
Camp Vice President through 12/2020 Email Michael Gallucci
Camp Secretary & Facilities Committee Chair & Director thru 12/2019 Email Rennick Andreoli
Camp Development Committee Chair & Director thru 12/2020 Email Nicholas George
Camp Director 12/2021 Email Mike Wojno
Camp Director 12/2019 Email Brooks Ames
Camp Director 12/2019 Email Ham Amer
Camp Director 12/2019 Email Getta Kutuchief
Camp Director 12/2020 Email Timothy DelMedico
Camp Director 12/2020 Email Frank Griffiths
Camp Director 12/2020 Email Jeff Grosenbaugh
Camp Director 12/2021 Email Amador Gonzalez
Camp Director 12/2021 Email Bill Manby Jr.
Camp Director 12/2021 Email Sandy Naragon
Camp Director 12/2021 Email Bill Post
Camp Director 12/2021 Email Joe Swiatkowski
Camp Director 12/2021 Virginia Wojno
Chili Open Co-Chair Email Robert McGregor
Chili Open Co-Chair Email Wanda Whipkey
Akron Rotary Foundation President/Fundraising/Development 12/2019 Email James Redmond
Akron Rotary Foundation Vice-President/Scholarship Chair & Director 12/2019 Email Katy Miller
Akron Rotary Foundation Treasurer & Director 12/2019 Email Daniel Riemenschneider
Akron Rotary Foundation Code of Regulations/Mission & Director 12/2020 Email Mark Krohn
Akron Rotary Foundation Fundraising/Development & Director 12/2019 Email Brian Steere
Akron Rotary Foundation Governance/Liaison to Club Board & Director 12/2019 Email Steve Buie
Akron Rotary Foundation Marketing & Director 12/2019 Email Shon Christy
Akron Rotary Foundation Nominating Chair & Director 12/2019 Email Marcia Holcomb
Akron Rotary Foundation Director 12/2019 Email Julie Brandle
Akron Rotary Foundation Director 12/2020 Email Jeff Sitz

Name Chair
Program Speaker Committee Hugh Alpeter
Membership Committee Tom Knauer
New Member Mentorship Committee George Rooney
Service Project Committee Karen Meek
Chili Open Volunteer Chair Karen Meek
Chlii Open Committee Meeting