District Organization Chart
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District Governor
Title   Name
District Governor Email Mike Groom  (Cedar Creek Lake)

District Executives
Title   Name
District Governor Elect Email Carolyn Franks  (Pittsburg)
District Governor Nominee Email Karen Maines  (Longview (Greggton))
District Governor Nominee Designate Email Jeff Johnston  (South Tyler)
Vice Governor Email Lee Montgomery  (South Tyler)
Immediate Past Governor Email Jack Welge  (Longview)
International Service Chair Email Ted Huffhines  (Marshall)
District Events Email Carolyn Franks  (Pittsburg)
Committees   Chairs
Events-District Conference   Email Jack Welge
Events-Foundation/Membership Seminar   Email Ingrid Self, Email Lee Montgomery
Events-Mid Year Review  
Events-4 Way Test Speech Contest   Email Amy Hinton
Events-District Training Assembly   Email Carolyn Franks
Events-RI Convention Promotion   Email John Henson
Events-Officers Installation  
District Trainer Email Carroll Greenwaldt  (Longview)
Controller Email John Jetter  (Longview (Greggton))
Finance Committee Chair Email John Jetter  (Longview (Greggton))
Treasurer Email Gary Taylor  (Longview)
District Administrator Email Shirley Pinnix Evans, District Administrator  (X-District Office)
Secretary Email Shirley Pinnix Evans  (Texarkana Sunrise)
Public Image Chair Email Bob Halford  (Cedar Creek Lake)

District Officers and Directors
Title   Name
Director-Administration Email Mike Groom  (Cedar Creek Lake)
Committees   Chairs
Administration-Audit   Email John Ussery
Administration-Communication, Bulletin, Directory and Newsletter   Email Shirley Pinnix Evans
Administration-ClubRunner Website and Data Administration   Email John Jetter
Administration-Club Visioning   Email Sam Scroggins
Administration-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion   Email Tony Williams
Administration-DGND Nominating Committee   Email Jack Welge
Administration-Disaster Recovery Planning  
Administration-District & RI Resolutions (Chair is Council on Legislation Representative)   Email Phillip Bandel
Administration-Finance   Email John Jetter
Director-Events Email Carolyn Franks  (Pittsburg)
Committees   Chairs
Events-District Conference   Email Mike Groom
Events-Foundation / Membership Seminar   Email Ingrid Self
Events-Mid-Year Review  
Events-4-Way Test Speech Contest   Email Amy Hinton
Events-District Training Assembly   Email Carolyn Franks
Events-RI Convention Promotion   Email John Henson
Events-Officers Installation   Email Carolyn Franks
Director-Membership Email Lee Montgomery  (South Tyler)
Committees   Chairs
Membership   Email Lee Montgomery
Membership-Alumni Chair   Email Karen Maines
Membership-Awards & Recognitions   Email Tom DeWitt
Director-RI Programs Email James Roberts  (Longview)
Committees   Chairs
RI-Interact / Rotaract   Email Rebecca Smith - Mabank ISD
RI-RYLA   Email Jeff Miller
RI-President's Emphasis  
RI-Rotary Fellowships   Email Jack Welge
RI-Youth Exchange   Email Barbara Turner
Director-Public Image Email Bob Halford  (Cedar Creek Lake)
Committees   Chairs
Public Image-Social Media  
Public Image-Media Relations  
Council of Governors-PDG 20-21 Email Jack Welge  (Longview)
Director-TRF Programs Email Ingrid Self  (Longview (Greggton))
Committees   Chairs
TRF-Rotary Foundation   Email Ingrid Self
TRF-Grants Subcommittee   Email Ingrid Self
TRF-Grants-District Grants Subcommittee   Email Ingrid Self
TRF-Grants-Global Scholarship Grants Subcommittee  
TRF-Grants-Global VTT Grants Subcommittee   Email Ingrid Self
TRF-Grants-Global Humanitarian Project Grants Subcommitee  
TRF-Paul Harris Society Subcommittee   Email Jack Welge
TRF-PolioPlus Subcommittee   Email Shirley Griffin
TRF-Rotary Foundation Fundraising Subcommittee   Email Tom DeWitt
TRF-Rotary Peace Fellows Subcommittee  
TRF-Stewardship Subcommittee   Email Carroll Greenwaldt
TRF-District Grant-Community Renewal & Humanitarian Program   Email Judy Guthrie
Council of Governors-PDG 19-20 Email Jim Finstrom  (Jefferson)
Council of Governors-PDG 18-19 Email Judy Guthrie  (Carthage)
Council of Governors-PDG 17-18 Email Ted Huffhines  (Marshall)
Council of Governors-PDG 16-17 Email Lee Montgomery  (South Tyler)
Council of Governors-PDG 15-16 Email Tom DeWitt  (South Tyler)
Council of Governors-PDG 14-15 Email Carroll Greenwaldt  (Longview)
Council of Governors-PDG 12-13 Email Phillip Bandel  (Quitman Rotary)
Council of Governors-PDG 11-12 Email Shirley Griffin  (Longview)
Council of Governors-PDG 10-11 Email Jim Archer  (Pittsburg)
Council of Governors-PDG 09-10 Email Randi Duckworth  (Wills Point)
Council of Governors-PDG 07-08 Email John Jetter  (Longview (Greggton))
Council of Governors-PDG 06-07 Email John Henson  (Henderson)
Council of Governors-PDG 05-06 Email Bill Hedges  (Quitman Rotary)
Council of Governors-PDG 02-03 Email Fay J Durrant  (Texarkana International)
Council of Governors-PDG 01-02 Email Jo Ann Parkman  (Paris United)
Council of Governors-PDG 97-98 Email Carol Deen  (Wills Point)
Council of Governors-PDG 95-96 Email Charlie Whiteside  (Kilgore)
Council of Governors-PDG 92-93
Council of Governors-PDG 90-91 Email Carol Fletcher  (Marshall Metro)

Assistant/Area Governors
Area   Name  
Area 1 Email Marion Houff  (Texarkana International) Clubs
Area 2 Email Rochelle Cory  (Hugo) Clubs
Area 3 Email Kay Green  (Pittsburg) Clubs
Area 4 Email Louraiseal McDonald  (Marshall) Clubs
Area 5 Email Gai Bennett  (Longview) Clubs
Area 6 Email Diane Kavanaugh  (South Tyler) Clubs
Area 7 Email Bill Preston  (Henderson) Clubs
Area 8 Email Andrea Pickens  (Cedar Creek Lake) Clubs
Area 9 Email Gregory Hollen  (Quitman Rotary) Clubs